A Bichon Frise likes your performance.

A Bichon Frise likes your performance.

There are more and more people raising Bichon Frise. I believe most people are looking for its beauty. There are also many people who want to know how Bichon Frise likes themselves. Let’s tell everyone that Bichon Frise likes you. What are the performances! Come take a look!

Very sticky to you

Usually at home, it will follow whatever you do, even when you go to the bathroom, it will follow behind you, and it’s not sticky, then it means that Bichon Frise likes you very much, and it will like you only if you approve of it. Yo, it’s very human.

It will throw in your arms when it see you

In the world of Bichon Frise, bashing is one of the ways to greet people enthusiastically. If it likes you very much and can’t suppress the inner love and happiness when it sees you, then it will see you. I want to pounce on you, and I want to express my desire to play with you.

Dog Care - A Bichon Frise likes your performance.

Like sleeping with you

Sleeping with you is a way for Bichon Frise to express love, and Bichon Frise will only sleep with people he trusts and likes, which will make him feel at ease. If your Bichon Frise also likes to sleep with you , Then congratulations, you have become its favorite person.

Waiting at the door for you to come back to greet you

Bichon Frise stays at home for a day. Even though they have toy food as their company, they will miss the people they like. If Bichon Frise likes you, it will always look forward to your coming back, waiting for you at the door of the house. It greets you, and it is what makes you enter the door. The moment Bichon Frise sees you, he will be very happy in his heart!

Staring at you

Bichon Frise doesn’t just stare at others when it’s wary of people, it likes you to stare at you too, but the feelings revealed by the eyes are very different. The eyes of Bichon Frise who like you reveal it. What came out was full of love and tenderness.

Give you its toys

Bichon Frise is very possessive of what belongs to him. Others can’t infringe on what belongs to it at will. If Bichon Frise is willing to share its toys with you, it is also a way for it to express love, and sometimes it also represents Bichon Frise’s thoughts. To play with you, the host can accept the invitation of Bichon Frise, play mini games with it, and reward it with some goat cheese to make it more enjoyable.

Do you remember Bichon Frise’s love for you? Bichon Frise, who has a super high-value appearance, has a distress that annoys the pet owner. It is known that Bichon Frise is prone to tears, and the tears really affect Bichon Frise’s appearance too much, causing it to look very ugly.

Many tear marks are caused by diet. In addition to the light diet of Bichon Frise, you can choose some dog food with Psyllium formula. Psyllium has the effect of clearing heat and reducing fire, so as to alleviate the tear marks of dogs.

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