A collection of training methods for pet cats.

A collection of training methods for pet cats.

Can pet cats be trained? In fact, many pet cats can simply train some skills, so that they can be cute and look more cute. Owners all hope that their pet cats can have skills. Here is an introduction to the training methods of various pet cats.

Pet cat training handshake method

Prepare fish fillets and other snacks that the cat likes, put some meat scent on the right finger, call for the cat to come over, stretch out the right hand to let it smell the scent, and whisper: “Shake hands, shake hands”, the cat will stretch out his head and smell the smell in his hands , Raise the hand at this time, the cat will stand and extend the front paw, take the opportunity to hold the cat’s right paw, and at the same time say “handshake”, “handshake”, and hand the food to the cat with his left hand. When training a cat to shake hands with a person, pay attention to a gentle tone, so that the cat can be mastered after repeated training for a few days. After that, just occasionally use food to consolidate the results of pet training. In normal times, you only need to say “handshake” and the pet cat will naturally stretch out its paw to shake your hand.

Pet cat training fixed point excretion method

First of all, we must train pet cats to have the habit of regularly Lazard. Usually the cat litter box is placed in the bathroom and the door is closed to prevent the pet cat from entering and exiting at will. Then find a small plastic basin that can be placed steadily in the toilet, and still put a small amount of cat litter in it, so that the pet cat can get used to it conveniently. Then gradually reduce the amount of cat litter until there is no cat litter at all. Of course, the pet cat will also want to plan things. At this time, you can replace it with a small amount of confetti. In the end, there is nothing at all. When the cat adapts to this method, a hole is cut in the bottom edge of the small basin, so that the pet cat can urinate. It can flow out smoothly. The stool only needs to be flushed into the urinal with water, and the pet cat has not only scattered the house without peculiar smell and scattered sand. Pet cats have become more adorable, and at the same time, the monthly expenditure on cat litter has also been saved.

Pet cat training not to sleep in your bed

If the pet cat likes to go to bed or drill the bed during the day, you can pat the pet cat’s buttocks and reprimand loudly to drive the pet cat out of bed. Because pet cats are very sensitive to the owner’s emotions, the bad habit of pet cats going to bed can be changed after repeated many times. If this method does not work, the owner can also try the following method: prepare 2-4 toy water guns in advance. When the pet cat is found to be in bed, the owner can stand in a place where the pet cat is invisible and use a water cannon filled with water to spray water on the pet cat. If the pet cat is suddenly attacked, it will immediately run away. Repeatedly repeat the pet cat for several times. Go to bed. It is worth noting that the pet cat must not find that people are spraying water on it, otherwise, this method will be difficult to obtain good results.

How to train pet cats not to scratch furniture

Before training, you should prepare a wooden post, 70 cm long and 20 cm thick. Training should start with kittens. During training, bring the kitten to the wooden post, grasp the two front legs of the cat with both hands, and place it on the wooden post to simulate the cat’s scratching action, so that the secretion of the glands on the cat’s feet can be coated. On the wooden post. After many training sessions, coupled with the attraction of the secretion odor, the cat will scratch on the wooden post. Develop such a habit, it will no longer scratch on the furniture, so as to protect the neatness and beauty of the furniture.

Principles to be adhered to in pet cat training

1. Never use violence

Letting pet cats suck water through their noses is a well-known case of violence. Don’t do this. This practice is very serious to pet cats and can cause pet cats to urinate incontinence. Don’t hit the pet cat with newspapers or other light objects, it will always remember it, and when it sees you again, it will immediately avoid it. If there is a reason for punishment, such as prohibiting a pet cat from going to the dining table, and it runs up, then you can’t stand by with a smile. And it must be very clear that it will not work. Drive it down, or use a watering can to spray water on it, which is enough to show it that something is forbidden. If your pet cat scratches your hand and howls like a cat, you may find it funny, but this is a clear and non-misleading signal.

2. Intervene immediately when doing bad things

If the matter has passed, it is absolutely meaningless to punish the pet cat. The pet cat does not understand why its owner is so angry. This kind of it is uneasy and doesn’t know how to get along with others. Then other bad habits may develop, such as being sloppy, not paying attention to hygiene, or scratching everywhere.

3. Praise as often as possible

Only when praise is followed by good results can praise truly have a cumulative meaning. Its effect will be strengthened, and even if it doesn’t take effect immediately, at least it won’t be harmful in the future. Using the methods of praise, reward and encouragement, great success has been achieved in the tuning of pet cats. Unfortunately, most pet cat owners often neglect to praise their pet cats. For example, when pet cats are obedient, they will use scratching trees and learn to sleep and eat in the basket, or when they are very quiet in the car. It should be praised at the right time.

4. Persevere

Exceptions are always humane, but pet cats may only feel confused. In the case of uncertainty, the only exception may have such consequences. Pet cats will act on their own rather than human wishes.

5. Keep your distance

If saying no out loud or adopting similar methods still does not change the cat’s bad habits, deterrent therapy can be used. That is, pet cats are suddenly frightened when they do bad things, such as the screaming of a mouse or whistle that pops up suddenly. But don’t let the pet cat feel that the owner is the mastermind of frightening it. This kind of thing can happen at any time, so the fifth principle is that if you want to use deterrence therapy to get rid of the bad habits of pet cats, you must stay out of the matter.

6. Patience, time, will

If you want to change your pet cat or adapt it to something that it fears, you must have a lot of patience and give the pet cat a certain amount of time. Once it shows a little courage, immediately praise and encourage it. Don’t worry about setbacks, especially don’t show that you are angry with it, so the sixth principle is to have enough patience, time and strong will.

The training of pet cats may be a very long process. Moreover, not all pet cats will be successfully trained. Every pet cat has its own personality and personality. If some habits cannot be changed, the owner should not be too much. Regardless, as long as it does not affect life, pet cat training can be cancelled.

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