A few manifestations that a dog will have when he is jealous.

A few manifestations that a dog will have when he is jealous.

Dogs are jealous to have these performances, you may not be aware of it after many years of keeping a dog!

Have you ever found a dog jealous? In fact, dogs are jealous just like humans, and they are also very possessive. If your dog shows these performances, it proves that the dog is jealous, don’t you know? The pet master quickly coax it!

Don’t let you touch it

When a dog is jealous, the most direct response is to not let you touch it. When you reach out to touch it, it will hit your hand with its paw and then quickly retract it. In the dog’s eyes, you belong to it. If you hug other dogs, it will be jealous.

Stop you from touching other dogs

If your dog sees that you are petting other dogs, its possessiveness will come forward to disturb you and prevent you from touching other dogs. This way the jealous dog is also very cute, but the owner is still Don’t touch other dogs in front of your own dog, or you have to be patient with your dog.


Some dogs won’t yell at you after being jealous, and won’t do anything that attracts you, but sulking. Such dogs are still more difficult to coax. If the owner doesn’t notice it, it will cause psychology in serious cases. Shadows, so the pet owner still needs to observe more, and find that the dog is sulking and coax it in time. Otherwise, it is not as simple as being jealous.


Some dogs are more temperamental. As soon as they see that their owner treats other dogs well, they can’t stand it. They are so jealous that they even feel that the owner doesn’t like it, so they ran away from home, but if the owner didn’t find out in time , The dog may still get lost, so the pet owner should try not to treat other dogs so well in front of the dog.

Revenge on you

When some dogs are jealous, they will choose extreme ways to retaliate against you, destroying furniture and daily necessities at home, turning over the house, venting their emotions, and also in order to attract your attention and let you know whether they are jealous or not happy. This kind of dog owner You should also pay more attention and train more at the same time to reduce the occurrence of this behavior. When training, you can cooperate with chicken jerky snacks and let the dog slowly accept it.

Dog Care - A few manifestations that a dog will have when he is jealous.

Hunger strike

Some dogs are jealous and will go on a hunger strike in order to attract your attention. Even if you put their favorite food in front of them, they won’t eat them, just to let you know that they are very “sour” and now they want you Coax it immediately, or it won’t eat or drink. A dog who is jealous is jealous, but if it’s a hunger strike, it won’t be good. The owner must coax him quickly and don’t starve him.

In short, as long as the owner knows his dog well enough, he will know what kind of behavior the dog will be jealous. In addition, in the process of raising the dog, diet is also a link that cannot be ignored. If the dog is caused by diet Health problems are not worth the loss, so it is recommended that the owner choose a nutritious dog food for the dog to eat, so as to ensure the healthy growth of the dog.

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