A few tips for training dogs.

A few tips for training dogs.

Dogs are very clever animals. As long as the owner has the patience to train, the dog will be obedient and likable. This article shares a few tips for dog training, hoping to help dog owners get twice the result with half the effort during the training process.

Timing of training

To train a dog to be obedient, you should choose to train when the dog is conscious, so that the effect is better and it will not cause the dog to be bored. Generally speaking, the best time to train is after the dog wakes up and eats.

The gestures and language used during training must be consistent

When starting to train the dog, the important thing to note is that the action language must be unified and consistent, which is conducive to the dog’s understanding and memory, and forms an inertial response.

Dog Training - A few tips for training dogs.

Reward the dog

Before training the dog, you should choose the appropriate prize, and give a little reward whenever the dog’s response is correct, so that the dog not only knows that it is good for it to do so, but also knows what the owner requires.

The way of training should be gradual

Dogs’ IQ is far inferior to humans, so when training, start with the simplest approach. For example, at the beginning, you can train the dog to pay attention to you, then train the dog to walk over, then sit down and so on. Don’t train your dog to climb stairs and jump fire rings and other difficult movements from the beginning.

The training time must be grasped

The training time for the puppies is 1-2 minutes. The older the training time, the longer the training time, but it is best not to exceed 15 minutes, otherwise the dog gets tired easily.

Dog Training - A few tips for training dogs.

The training method should be fun and vivid

When training the dog, it should be done in a game mode. The trainer does not need to be too tough and harsh, but should be treated with gentleness, so that the dog feels happy when training.

The skills to be mastered for training a dog are probably the above points. Generally speaking, it is not difficult to train a dog as long as there is perseverance, and the training process will be easy and pleasant, so don’t rush, believe that there will be something if you pay. Harvested.

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