A little trick to get rid of the smell of the dog.

A little trick to get rid of the smell of the dog.

The peculiar smell on the dog’s body is nothing more than the most serious parts, that is, the mouth, ears, anal glands, or the dog has not been bathed for a long time, which causes the dog’s body odor to be severe. The last one can be solved by taking a bath frequently, using pet-specific shower gel and drying the hair in time.

For bad mouth odor, it may be a food problem. The owner should give the dog lighter food and reduce the consumption of meat, especially raw meat, which is the main cause of bad breath. It is also possible that the dog’s indigestion and poor intestines and stomach cause bad mouth odor. The owner can feed some probiotics to help the dog to recuperate. The most important thing is to insist on brushing your dog’s teeth, just like people.

The other is to clean up earwax regularly for dogs. The ear is a place that many pet owners easily overlook, but it is also the place where dirt is most likely to accumulate. Be sure to clean it with ear wash. There is also anal glands. You can squeeze the anal glands for your dog while bathing. If you don’t squeeze it for a long time, it is easy to cause anal gland inflammation.

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