Are you doing this to Poodle? You will be blacklisted by it.

Are you doing this to Poodle? You will be blacklisted by it.

Poodle is very famous and belongs to a very smart dog breed. In the process of raising Poodle, if you do this, even if you are a close person, it will also pull you into the blacklist.

Always slap your head

Many people will habitually slap Poodle on the head when they see that Poodle is cute, and this will often make Poodle feel that you provoke it and cause it to loathe you. Poodle usually doesn’t like others to slap it on the head. If you are still a stranger If yes, then Poodle might bite you!

Always play with it

Poodle is very smart. If it finds that you often play with it, you may be included in its “blacklist”. Poodle will still hold grudges, and you may retaliate next time!

Dog Care Poodle - Are you doing this to Poodle? You will be blacklisted by it.

Hold too tight

When some people see that Poodle is cute, they want to hug it, or even hold it tightly. This will hurt Poodle, and Poodle is uncomfortable, so they want to resist. Does the pet owner know that most dogs don’t really like being hugged, let alone hugged too tightly!

Make mistakes only hit

People cannot guarantee that they will not make mistakes, let alone Poodle! Sometimes it makes a mistake, and the owner thinks that the effect is better, because it suffers from the pain of flesh and blood, and it has a long memory, but this will have the opposite effect. Poodle will be grumpy, emotionally unstable, and even easy for a long time. Produce aggressive behavior.

To punish Poodle, you should use the right method. Don’t use it to solve everything. Usually train Poodle more. Rewards and punishments will be more effective. You can use some training snacks such as chicken jerky as rewards.

Touch its wound

An injured Poodle has a strong sense of vigilance. Even if you are the closest person to it, you should not touch it rashly. In this way, Poodle will mistakenly think that you are going to hurt it and act in self-defense. Poodle is injured and you want to deal with it, but the first thing to do is to relieve its emotions, let go of its guard, and let it rest assured to help it deal with the wound.

The pet owners of the above behaviors remember not to do this to them to prevent them from being drawn into the blacklist. During the process of raising Poodle, you will find that Poodle has the problem of fading hair. The faded Poodle will not be as good-looking as it was at the beginning. If you feed Poodle too salty, insufficient nutrition of your hair will cause Poodle’s hair to fade.

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