Basic introduction to Pomeranian.

Basic introduction to Pomeranian.

The Pomeranian is the offspring of the shepherd dog. It is smart and ranks No. 5 in the intelligence ranking of small dogs, so it is easy to teach and train for the breeder. The purebred Pomeranian is a very beautiful and charming dog breed, and it is a popular dog breed all over the world.

The Pomeranian’s gait is proud, solemn and lively. Its temperament and actions are positive. Pomeranian is an outgoing, intelligent and lively dog, which makes it a very good companion dog, but also a very competitive competition dog. Hiromi’s hair is a lot like a little hairy ball, and I like to call it a bit. The scientific name of the Fox Terrier is because it resembles a fox very much. It’s a pet dog. It is very lively and likes to be close to people. The coat colors are white, yellowish cream, flower color, black, red, and brown. It is a very cute breed of canine.

Pomeranian species distribution

The name of the Pomeranian is derived from Pomeranian, but its origin is not Pomeranian. The Pomeranian may become smaller by breeding there. The larger ones were once competent sheepdogs. In fact, in the middle of the 19th century, Pomeranian dogs caught people’s attention for the first time. Some of them are said to have a weight of 13.60 kg, and their body shape, coat and coat color are very similar to those of German sharp-billed wolfhounds. The British Kennel Club officially recognized the Pomeranian in 1870, and since then the dog has been known to more and more people.

In 1888, Queen Victoria fell in love with an Italian Pomeranian named Marco and brought it back to England. Because the queen’s every move has a great appeal, so the dog is also widely welcomed. Queen Victoria likes small size, which promotes the miniaturization of the dog.

In 1901, before her death, Queen Victoria asked her to put her beloved little Pomeranian named Turi by her bed. The little dog stayed with the queen until her death.

The Pomeranian began to participate in the mixed dog competition at the American dog show in 1892, and was officially classified in New York in 1900.

In 1911, the Pomeranian Club of America held a dog show for the first time. The early winners of the American Dog Show were Pomeranians with well-developed bones, large ears, and weighing less than 2.72 kg.

The origin of Bomei’s development

The Pomeranian is a breed of pointed-mouthed dog. Its ancestor is a sled dog of the Arctic, but it is a degenerate sled dog. The dog is closely related to the Dutch Keeshond and the Norwegian Miti. According to the original record of this dog, it came from the Pomeranian region at the border of Poland and Germany. At that time, these dogs were used to guard the sheep. The Pomeranian region at the border of the coast. At that time these dogs were used to guard the sheep . In 1750, Pomeranians spread to European countries, including Italy. When Queen Victoria visited Italy, the people of Florence presented the Queen a Pomeranian, which was very much loved by the Queen. The early Pomeranians were large in size and mostly white in color . Since the 19th century, they have been selected and bred to become today’s small dogs with fluffy and soft backs and bright colors. Bomei is becoming more and more diversified. The white color Pomeranian is more popular.

Physiological indicators of Pomeranian

a) Fluffy wolfhound / Keeshond 49 cm +/- 6 cm

b) Large Fox Terrier 46 cm +/- 4 cm

c) Medium-sized Fox Terrier 34 cm +/- 4 cm

d) Small Fox Dog 26 cm +/- 3 cm

e) Toy Fox Dog/Squirrel Dog 20 cm +/- 2 cm

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