Bichon Frise’s tears affect the appearance, and you need to know the reason to solve it!

Bichon Frise’s tears affect the appearance, and you need to know the reason to solve it!

Bichon Frise looks like a bunch of white flowers, “cotton ball”, very popular, but such a lovely Bichon Frise is easy to have tears, with tears Bichon Frise, the value of the face drops drastically, why on earth have tears? It is easy to solve it if you know the reason!

Blocked nasolacrimal duct

Some Bichon Frise’s nasolacrimal ducts are not deep, and the eyelids are relatively small, so the tears will not stay in the eyes, and the tears will be formed by washing the hair around the eyes for a long time.

Nasolacrimal duct blockage can be divided into congenital and acquired. The congenital one should bring Bichon Frise to see a doctor. The day after tomorrow, you can buy eye wash and tear removal solution at the pharmacy. Rinse the tear duct every day and wipe it with a cotton swab to remove the red secretions around the eyes. Remove and comb the hair around the eyes.

Dog Care - Bichon Frise's tear mark affect the appearance, and you need to know the reason to solve it!

Using the wrong eye product

When Bichon Frise has tear marks, it will not look so good. In order to remove the tears from Bichon Frise, many pet owners will choose some eye products to remove the tears from Bichon Frise, but the wrong use of eye products will irritate the eyes and cause Bichon Frise’s tears aggravated.

It is recommended that pet owners who want to buy eye products that remove tears from Bichon Frise should consult their veterinarian, and do not buy blindly, to avoid the aggravation of tears caused by the wrong eye products, and the loss outweighs the gains.

There are mites in the ears

The pet owner did not clean the ears of Bichon Frise. Ear mites breed in the ears, which will irritate the ears and cause ear canal infections. It will also cause Bichon Frise to secrete tears and cause tear marks.

The pet mainly cleans the ears of Bichon Frise on a regular basis. You can use a cotton swab to clean the ears with a cleaning fluid specially designed to clean the ears. After the ears are cleaned, the tear marks will also be relieved.

Hair around the eyes is too long

The hair around Bichon Frise’s eyes is too long, which can easily irritate Bichon Frise’s eyes, causing Bichon Frise to shed tears and form tear marks.

The owner should trim the hair around the eyes of Bichon Frise regularly to prevent the hair from being too long and irritating Bichon Frise’s eyes and making it uncomfortable. If the dog is unwilling to cooperate, you can lure him into some jerky snacks and make him obedient.

Get inflammtion

Bichon Frise’s diet is too salty and it will cause fire, and the fired Bichon Frise will often shed tears, leading to tears.

The appearance of Bichon Frise with tear marks decreases, which affects the appearance. Usually, the Bichon Frise diet should be kept light and low in salt. You can choose some dog food with psyllium formula. Psyllium has the effect of clearing heat and reducing fire, which can relieve the dog’s diet. Tears caused by fire.

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