Can a puppy be bullied by a big dog? In fact, sometimes the reverse is true.

Can a puppy be bullied by a big dog? In fact, sometimes the reverse is true.

Puppies are bullied by big dogs? I believe many people will have this illusion. Big dogs are big, big dogs meet puppies, in fact, many times big dogs may just want to play with puppies. Big dogs will open their mouths when playing, but people seem to be like big dogs who want to open their mouths to bite puppies and feel that they want to bully. The puppy is out.

It’s not just people who are scared. In fact, dogs are also terribly scared. They will inevitably be sensitive and frightened when they face their kind that is many times their size and open their mouths to themselves. The puppy will bark loudly and pose to attack the big dog, or directly attack.

Dog Care - Can a puppy be bullied by a big dog? In fact, sometimes the reverse is true.

Therefore, when walking the dog, you will occasionally encounter the puppy and the big dog, the puppy barking frantically, the big dog is silent, and even the puppy bites the big dog.

Why do small dogs bark fiercely when they meet big dogs?

Because the puppy is timid.

Small dogs are naturally very sensitive. When a puppy encounters a big dog, it usually feels fearful, afraid and sensitive due to the oppression of the body shape, and thus enters an instinctive defense state. Therefore, it wants to bark to warn the opponent or frighten the opponent, not to be allowed to approach themselves, in fact, it is also a Kind of timidity. Generally speaking, the dogs that love to bark are relatively timid dogs, and they often use their barking to embolden themselves, but most of them are bluffing.

Small dogs are more likely to be petted.

Because of the small size of the puppy, the dog owner’s control over the aggressiveness of small dogs is much weaker. Sometimes, as long as it doesn’t hurt people, it won’t interfere too much. Therefore, when a puppy and a big dog meet in a narrow path, the puppy will use a barking threatening method to warn the big dog not to act rashly. This is a typical dogfight.


But whether you are raising a small dog or a medium or large dog, you must be trained and rewarded and punished. The training can be accompanied by snacks (chicken jerky, goat cheese, etc.).

Why is the big dog silent? Is it because of fear?

It’s not because of fear. But the big dog feels that the puppy is not a threat to him.

The big dog doesn’t bark to the puppy because the big dog has absolute self-confidence in the face of the huge difference in body shape. People are also more afraid of bigger dogs when they walk their dogs outside. Any aggressive tendency of a big dog can easily arouse the fear of others, thereby prompting the owner of the big dog to discipline more severely. So the big dog will be more qualified.

Whether it is a big dog or a puppy, the owner is obliged to make it more obedient to orders, and will not go out to hurt people or pick things up. The puppy will inevitably make the big dog feel threatened. If the big dog launches an attack at this time, the consequences will be disastrous.

Training is the basic job if you want your dog to be good, but a nutritious and balanced diet can ensure the healthy growth of the dog. Choosing the right and healthy way of eating is what the owner should do. You should choose high-quality natural dog food with balanced nutrition, feed your dog regularly and quantitatively, and usually pair it with some fresh fruits and vegetables.

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