Cats lick their fur not just for cleaning, they may have problems with their bodies.

Cats lick their fur not just for cleaning, they may have problems with their bodies.

Most of the time, the pet owner can see the cat licking the fur. At this time, some pet owners will feel that the cat must be cleaning themselves again.

So the pet owner hugged the cat to take a bath. But in fact, cats lick their fur not only for cleaning, but also because of hidden dangers!

Emotionally stressed

When a cat feels emotionally stressed, or upset, or is stressed by the surroundings, it will lick its fur frequently.

Because the cat knows that he can’t do anything about it and can only do certain behaviors to alleviate it

So cats lick their fur frequently, so the pet owner must pay attention

Infected with parasites

There are a lot of parasites in summer. Don’t think that cats won’t be easily infected unless they go out. This is all wrong.

Parasites are everywhere, so if your cat licks its fur frequently, it may be infected with the parasite

The pet owner must deworm the cat regularly. Generally, every 3 months or half a year will do.


Cats lick their fur frequently and clean themselves most often. This is actually the nature of cats.

Because after thinking that the hair will become dirty after hunting, cats are used to licking their hair after hunting in order to keep their whole body sensitive.

But now cats are prone to hair bulb disease when licking their hair, so it is best to prepare some hair-removing cream.

Lack of vitamin D

Cats often lick their fur, or they may lack vitamin D in their bodies. After all, cats are not like humans and can be obtained by basking in the sun.

In order not to cause physical problems due to lack of vitamin D, I developed a special way to obtain vitamin D.

That is licking the hair. The cat’s hair contains a special substance, which can be turned into vitamins needed by the cat after the sun is irradiated.At this time, the cat often licks the fur and can get it.

Don’t want cats to have physical problems. Usually pets mainly ensure that the cat’s diet is balanced and nutritious, so as to make the cats healthier.

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