Common problems in dog toilet training.

Common problems in dog toilet training.

Dog defecation training is a key item in dog training. Here are some common problems in dog defecation training:

1. Question: When is it easy for a puppy to excrete?

Answer: The following periods are the time when the dog is easy to excrete: 1. After a meal; 2. After the dog plays or is excited; 3. After the dog wakes up; 4. Early morning and evening.

2. Question: My puppy is stupid and can’t always learn to urinate at a fixed point?

Answer: The most important thing in pet training is patience. After any dog ​​​​learns, there is no guarantee that it will be 100% error-free! Especially puppies. Because puppies sometimes have mood problems, or their endurance is not as long as adult dogs, they will urinate and urinate everywhere. Don’t be too angry at this time. When the dog grows up, everything will be OK. Don’t beat or scold the dog, it will make the dog scared, and it will be easier to excrete anytime and anywhere.

3. Question: Is there a quick training technique for dog toileting and defecation?

Answer: This one really doesn’t. Dog urinary and defecation training depends on the environment and condition of the individual’s keeping, but there are several principles that are necessary:

You have to decide in advance a fixed place, and then take the dog to urinate in a fixed place every day, and no longer change this fixed place, it is best to stay away from the place where the dog sleeps, because dogs actually love clean animals, It don’t like to urinate where it eat and sleep.

In addition, when the puppy urinates in a fixed place, give great encouragement! To urinate in the wrong place, just use a slightly serious (increased volume) tone to tell the dog: “No!”, the most important thing is persistence + patience.

4. Question: When you are walking, how should you induce your dog to urinate?

Answer: Try to lengthen the time of going out for a walk and exercise. Dogs usually want to go to the toilet more after exercising. If it still doesn’t work, you can let your dog get in touch with other dogs. Your dog sees other dogs peeing and defecate outside, and slowly he will learn to do it himself.

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