Correct cleaning steps for dogs’ ears and eyes.

Correct cleaning steps for dogs’ ears and eyes.

To clean the dog’s ears, one is to remove the dirt from the ear shell, and the other is to clean the ear canal. Dust or limescale is easy to accumulate in the ear canal of the dog, and the ear of the dog needs to be cleaned and kept dry. If the dust and moisture in the dog’s ears are not removed frequently, it is easy to cause ear inflammation.

It is relatively easy to clean the outer ear shell, but you have to be careful when cleaning the ear canal. You can dip a cotton swab with a little olive oil and wipe it from the outside to the inside. The cotton swab should not be too long. Grab the ear with the other hand and wipe it off slowly. If there is a large amount of earwax in the external auditory canal, you can drop 1 drop of 2% borax water, soften it and take it out carefully with tweezers . When the dog’s head is shaken, immediately remove the tweezers to prevent damage to the tympanic membrane or ear canal mucosa.

After cleaning, if there is inflammation, suppuration or parasitic lice and fleas, medication should be used. If nothing else, sprinkle a little boric acid powder to keep the ears dry. In winter, the ears of very short-haired dogs are prone to frostbite, so you need to apply a small amount of oil at any time, and then massage the ears.

Clean the dog’s eyes: Dogs with big eyes and protruding eyes are susceptible to irritation and injury, so special attention should be paid. Generally, wash your eyes once a day to remove dust and scum from the eyes. To clean the eyes, use a damp cloth to gently wipe off the eye dirt from the corner of the eye, or use a cotton ball moistened with 2% borax water to wipe off the eye dirt. Both distilled water and eye drops can be used when washing the eyes.

A small amount of dry eye scum will often accumulate near the corner of the dog’s eyes. Such as poodles, the eye glands secrete too much, often tears, but also often clean the eyes, the best way to clear the tears is to apply eye drops or wash with boric acid solution. Take 2 grams of boric acid powder and dissolve it in 100 ml of warm water to prepare a 2% boric acid solution.

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