Discover the characteristics of a dog’s illness in advance, so that you can find and deal with it in time!

Discover the characteristics of a dog’s illness in advance, so that you can find and deal with it in time!

Dogs are not like us. When they are sick, they can be expressed in words. Many dogs cannot be discovered by their owners in time when they are sick. This causes the dogs to become very sick. Let’s take a look at the signs of the dog’s illness, and find out and deal with it in time.

Lack of expression in the eyes

Usually the dog’s eyes are very clean and they look bright and energetic. After being sick, there will be a lot of abnormal discharge around the eyes, the eyes will be dull, and the eyes will be covered with red blood.

Loss of appetite

If the dog suddenly has no appetite to eat, and the food is the same, pay more attention, the dog’s long-term loss of appetite will lead to weight loss and disease.


The most common disease in dogs is fever. Although fever is not a serious disease, it is also a precursor to many serious diseases.

Dog Care - Discover the characteristics of a dog's illness, discover and deal with it in time!

Generally speaking, the body temperature of puppies is 38~39℃, and the body temperature of adult dogs is 37~38℃. The smaller the dog, the higher the temperature. To measure the temperature of the dog, you can use a human thermometer, sterilize with an alcohol cotton ball, and insert it. One-third of the anus, take the reading three minutes later, if it exceeds this range, there are signs of fever and the dog needs to go to the hospital for treatment.


Many dogs are more greedy. If they eat too much and cannot digest, they will easily cause diarrhea. For this kind of dog, the food intake must be strictly controlled. However, some dogs’ diarrhea may be caused by illness. If there is blood in the stool , The host should pay attention to it to prevent serious consequences.

Mental state

A healthy dog will have a strong reaction when you call it, and it will look full of energy and agile. A sick dog will suddenly become mentally decadent, weak, and unable to move. You can usually see it at home. After being sick, it will not be so lively.

It is necessary to maintain proper exercise of the dog to improve physical fitness, make the dog healthier, and reduce the dog’s chance of getting sick. When taking a dog for exercise, you can do some small training by the way, with some snacks such as chicken jerky, the effect will be better.

Owners must pay attention to the above signs of illness in dogs. Normally, the dog’s diet is very important. Insufficient nutrition can easily cause the dog to get sick.

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