Do these things to a dog and it will hate you.

Do these things to a dog and it will hate you.

People who own dogs say that dogs are the best pet companions in life, loyal and caring. But no matter how good a dog is, it will have its own bottom line. If you do these things, don’t blame it for hating you.

Pull its tail

A dog’s tail is very sensitive and fragile. Even if the owner touches it, he has to get his consent, but if you pull it, it’s terrible. If it hates you, you can’t blame it, because you go first. Provoked it, and also picked his most sensitive part.

See you being nice to other dogs

Don’t look at the dog’s appearance, a loyal and honest appearance is enough to deceive you. Its possessiveness is very strong, especially for the owner. If you are seen by it, you are good to other dogs. , Not only will be angry and jealous, but if I see more often, I will hate you and don’t want to be close to you.

Scare it

If you usually like to play pranks with dogs, knowing that dogs are afraid of some things, and you use these things to scare them, then really don’t blame it for hating you, you have touched its bottom line, it’s still possible Give it a psychological shadow, if you are scared, I believe you will not be happy!

Dog Care - Do these things to a dog and it will hate you.

Don’t let dogs play with their kind

Dogs are born to live in groups, they like to play with their kind, and they can hang out in groups as soon as they meet. This is their fun. If you seldom take him out or don’t let him get close to other dogs, it’s a great harm to him. After a long time, the dog has no fun, is always depressed, and will not like it. You even hate you.

Always hit it after making a mistake

Everyone makes mistakes, let alone a dog. Will you be willing to be beaten all the time after you make a mistake? I definitely don’t want to. The same is true for the dog. Punishment can be punished, but if you hit it every time, it will not only make it hate you, but it will also counterattack you. It is recommended to do more training for the dog, so as to reduce the chance of making mistakes. It is even better with some dried duck snacks in the training.

Take its food

When the dog is eating, if the owner grabs its food, it will make the dog feel that you are provoking it. Even if it is the owner, it will hate you. It will not react once or twice, just because It still loves you, and if it happens more often, then no wonder the dog ignores you in the end.

The master should never do the things mentioned above, it is useless if you don’t regret it later. In addition to paying attention to these details, we must also pay attention to the health of the dog’s diet. For dogs, eating dog food as a staple food is the best, and we must choose a safe and trustworthy dog food. After all, diet is too important for dogs.

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