Do you know these 6 little secrets of Welsh Corgi Pembroke?

Do you know these 6 little secrets of Welsh Corgi Pembroke?

Welsh Corgi Pembroke, with its cute appearance and sexy big ass, is deeply loved by dog owners and has become one of many Internet celebrities. Welsh Corgi Pembroke has 6 little secrets, you may know one or two.

Dog Care - Do you know these 6 little secrets of Welsh Corgi Pembroke?

Play well with kids

Welsh Corgi Pembroke quickly adapts to life at home, is particularly friendly and gentle to children, and can quickly play with children at home and become good friends. It is an excellent family companion dog. Having a Welsh Corgi Pembroke at home can solve the problem of no one. The situation of accompany play.

Heal people’s hearts

When the host is sad, he sees Welsh Corgi Pembroke walking with his short legs and twisting its sexy big ass. When he walks towards you, you will be instantly healed. You will feel happy all of a sudden, and those sad emotions will be all of a sudden. Swept away, only the Welsh Corgi Pembroke of my own house was pretended to be in my heart.

Prone lumbar disc protrusion

Welsh Corgi Pembroke has short legs and long backs. When climbing stairs, the pressure on the spine joints will be greater, and lumbar disc herniation is prone to occur. Usually, the owner should pay more attention to protecting the waist and leg joints of Welsh Corgi Pembroke. It can strengthen the bones and take care of the joints by supplementing calcium.


High obedience

Don’t look at Welsh Corgi Pembroke’s dull and cute appearance, it is very energetic, easy to train, and high obedience. Every time you take it out for training, it is very active and quickly masters the skills you taught it. Give it some goat cheese snacks as a reward during training to make it happier and more satisfied.

Not born without a tail

Welsh Corgi Pembroke is not born without a tail, just for the convenience of work and to prevent the tail from stepping on, so the Welsh Corgi Pembroke as a working dog is all docked. Most of the most common Welsh Corgi Pembrokes in our lives are docked. Welsh Corgi Pembroke with a broken tail will be more lovely when walking, but it is normal for the Welsh Corgi Pembroke without tail docking.

Easy to shed hair

Welsh Corgi Pembroke is a double-haired dog, like Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky, it is very easy to shed hair. In addition to grooming it, we should also pay attention to its light diet, too salty, and insufficient nutrition of the dog’s hair, which will accelerate the hair loss of Welsh Corgi Pembroke.

Therefore, we usually choose some low-salt, deep-sea fish oil in dog food. Fish oil contains a special unsaturated fatty acid, which supplements the Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, which is beneficial to the smoothness of the dog’s hair.

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