Do you support cat sterilization? First understand these pros and cons!

Do you support cat sterilization? First understand these pros and cons!

I believe everyone has different opinions on whether or not cats are sterilized. Some owners think that sterilization is good for the cat’s health, while some owners think that it is too cruel to the cat and hurts it. In fact, everything has advantages and disadvantages, so let’s understand it first!

Benefits of neutering cats

Can extend life

Cats will experience mood swings during estrus, and they are prone to get lost. The mother cat’s childbirth can also cause harm to the body.

Therefore, cats that have not been neutered will damage their lifespan to a certain extent, and the average lifespan will be significantly extended after neutering.

Personality is more relative

After neutering cats, their hormone levels will decrease, their personality will become stable, and they will become closer to humans.

Reduce the occurrence of certain diseases

Female cats who have been in heat for a long time without pregnancy or neutering are prone to pyometra, which can be avoided by neutering. After male cats are neutered, urinary tract diseases can also be reduced.

Reduce the impact of cats’ estrus on their owners

When a cat is in heat, there will be a lot of crazy behaviors, such as howling, messing around with urine, etc.

And sterilization can greatly reduce these behaviors of cats, so as not to affect the normal life of the owner.

Avoid cats to breed too many kittens

Nowadays, many people keep cats in control of their colors and care about their breeds, so the babies of some pastoral cats will be unattended.

Therefore, the mother cats in the house have bred too many kittens, not only is it difficult for the owner to take care of, but it is also a problem to raise them.

Cat Care - Do you support cat sterilization?

Disadvantages of neutering cats

Destroy the cat’s nature

Many owners think that to give cats “free love”, sterilization is not respecting its nature, which is why many owners do not agree with neutering cats.

The cat’s personality may change

Generally, the character of the neutered cat will be more gentle and sticky, but there are exceptions.

Some cats neutering may cause stress, insecurities, and even no longer trust their owners.

Sterilization surgery can lead to risks

Some cats may be allergic to anesthesia, or have poor physique, or even postoperative infections, which may threaten their health.

Therefore, before the cat is neutered, a physical examination must be done to ensure its health.

Become obese

After the cat is sterilized, the endocrine system is unbalanced and the metabolic water will be reduced, so many cats will become fat.

But cats are too obese and prone to various health problems, shortening their lifespan. It is best for the owner to give the cat a light diet to avoid obesity caused by overnutrition.

Others: If you want your cat to be healthy, let your cat get more exercise!

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