Does a dog always make a mistake? Learn these 5 methods and correct them immediately!

Does a dog always make a mistake? Learn these 5 methods and correct them immediately!

Every dog has its own personality, not all dogs will obey your instructions from the beginning, so what should we do when a dog makes a mistake in order to effectively train a dog!

Make a sound to indicate a warning

In the process of raising a dog, it is inevitable that the dog will do something that is unacceptable to you. After the thing happens, the pet owners must not rush, or the dog will continue to commit the crime next time.

The owner can find some old newspapers or twigs to knock down on the floor beside the dog, make a sound, make the dog nervous, don’t put it on his body, just serve as a warning, repeat a few times, the dog will just There will be a certain sense.

Dog Care - Does a dog always make a mistake? Learn these 5 methods and correct them immediately!

Master must be serious

If the dog did something wrong, the owner should not arbitrarily talk and laugh. This will lead the dog in the wrong direction. When he sees you smiling, he will think that you are not punishing, but playing games with him. , So the admonishment effect will not be achieved.

Therefore, the owner must have a firm and serious attitude when admonishing, so as to guide the dog in the right direction and have a good effect of admonition.

Punish in time

For things like urinating and defecating at home, if you find it, you have to reprimand it immediately, and wait until the matter is over before you punish it. It will make it feel that this matter is not important, and it will not have the effect of admonition.

If you find that it has done something wrong, you must find it immediately, reprimand it loudly, and then fine it for a few days without snacks, let it have a long memory, don’t delay time, when it does not make a mistake next time, you can reward it with snacks, choose Some real training snacks, such as: non-greasy chicken jerky, can not only grind your teeth and remove bad breath, but also have a good training effect.

Serious mistakes, aggravated punishment

A dog has no awareness of the severity of the matter, so when it makes a serious mistake, the owner must give it a correspondingly strong punishment to let it know the seriousness of the matter.

For example, if a dog goes out and hurts another person or animal, he should hit him hard with his hand or braid immediately. After making him feel scared, he can stop. If things go on like this, the dog will know the seriousness of the thing. .


The use of passwords on dogs is a common way to stop it. It is a measure that is not punitive, such as “NO”, “no”, “no” and other words, and at the same time, you must be firm.

In addition, don’t call it by name when you are punished. This will cause the dog to get the illusion that he will be scolded when he is called. Even if you call him not because of punishment, he will naturally hide. .

After reading the punishment methods above, have you learned the pet master? In addition to proper punishment when it does something wrong, it should also pay more attention to the diet. The choice of dog food is very important. The owner must avoid inferior dog food when choosing it. Insufficient nutrition will affect the dog’s health.

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