Dog Medical Diseases –  Bowel constipation

Dog Medical Diseases – Bowel constipation

Bowel constipation


First, there are bones and hair mixed in the feed.

Second, changes in the living environment disrupt the dog’s original bowel habits.

Third, suffering from anal abscess, anal fistula, rectal tumor and other diseases.

Fourth, intussusception, intestinal hernia, pelvic fracture, prostatic hypertrophy, etc.

Diagnosis points

The main symptom is difficulty in defecation. Sick dogs often try to defecate, but cannot do so. They often bark because of pain. Bowel sounds weaken or stop. Persistent vomiting, anal acupressure hypersensitivity, dry, hard stools can be palpable in the rectum .

According to medical history, clinical manifestations, and rectal or abdominal palpation, dry and hard stool can be felt. There is often pain when pressing, and the diagnosis can be confirmed.


First. For primary constipation, it is mainly to clear the intestines and promote defecation. Enema can be used with warm soapy water, glycerin or liquid paraffin (5-30 ml). But when enema, the pressure should not be too high. Otherwise , it is easy to cause perforation of the rectal wall. Take laxatives. Such as sodium sulfate (or magnesium sulfate) 5 ~ 30 grams, 200 ml of normal water, 1 dose. For mild constipation, oral honey can often get better results.

Second, the primary disease is mainly treated for secondary constipation.

Third, after the stool is unblocked. It is advisable to exercise properly, allocate feed reasonably, and provide enough drinking water.

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