Dog Medical Diseases –  Cold

Dog Medical Diseases – Cold



The main reason is the effect of cold, especially when the feeding and management are improper, it is more likely to happen. For example, sleeping on cold nights, lying in the cool place for a long time, violent winds, heavy sweating, or being stimulated by cold water while wading and crossing the river, long-term breeding in a cold and humid environment, etc., can reduce the resistance of the upper respiratory tract mucosa. Promote the occurrence of this disease.

Diagnosis points

The sick dog is depressed. The expression is indifferent, the skin temperature is irregular, and the tips of the ears and nose are cold. Conjunctival flushing or mild swelling, tearing, elevated body temperature, often cough, runny nose, itchy nasal mucosa of sick dogs, often scratching the nose with the front paws. In severe cases, chills and light, dry mouth and tongue, rapid breathing, and increased pulse rate.

It is usually based on symptoms such as coughing, runny nose, elevated body temperature, irregular skin temperature, and crying, combined with a history of cold. It is not difficult to diagnose.


First. Early intramuscular injection of 30% Analgin, Antongding solution or Baierding solution, once a day, 2 ml each time. Paracetamol can also be taken orally, with a dosage of 0.1 to 1 g/time.

Second, improve feeding and management conditions. keep warm. To prevent violent winds from attacking, and to strengthen cold-proof measures when the climate changes suddenly. Pay attention to daily cold-resistant exercises to enhance the dog’s resistance.

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