Dog Medical Diseases –  Intussusception

Dog Medical Diseases – Intussusception



First, the dog is too hungry, the milk temperature is too low, or the quality of the feed is not good, and the dog drank too cold ice water.

second. Secondary to certain infectious diseases and parasitic diseases.

Diagnosis points

Suddenly, severe abdominal pain occurred, and the dog was highly restless, even rolling on the ground, and sedatives could not make him quiet. In the first stage of the disease, the feces are discharged loosely, often mixed with a large amount of mucus or bloodshot eyes. In severe cases, the feces may be discharged black and red, and the feces stop in the later stage. When intestinal necrosis occurred, the sick dog became quiet and the abdominal pain seemed to disappear, but the spirit was still fatigued and collapse symptoms appeared. Vomiting often occurs when the intussusception of the small intestine occurs. Touch the abdomen, sometimes you can feel the intussusception of the intestine, like a sausage, oppressing the intestine, and the pain is obvious. If there are no complications, the body temperature is generally normal. Such as secondary enteritis, intestinal necrosis or peritonitis, the body temperature rises.

It can be diagnosed based on sudden severe abdominal pain, discharge of mucus or dark red blood in the stool, sausage-like and painful intestines when touching the abdominal wall, and the ineffective application of sedatives. If you can do X-ray examination, it will be helpful for the diagnosis of this disease.


A small number of mildly ill dogs can recover on their own after symptomatic treatment, such as sedation and enema. Otherwise, surgery should be implemented as soon as possible.

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