Dog owners! Don’t you know the nature of dogs? Then you are out.

Dog owners! Don’t you know the nature of dogs? Then you are out.

Over time, many dogs have changed from working dogs to pet dogs, but many of their behavioral instincts are still retained. Do you know any of them?

Territorial awareness

Dogs have a strong sense of territory. They will mark the territory with the smell of their urine and excrement, telling the same kind that this place belongs to it, and it will take strict care of its own territory, sometimes even the owner is not allowed of.

Like to chase fast-moving objects

In the past, dogs were good helpers for hunters. They were very sensitive to fast-moving objects. They would catch up when they saw other animals running or cars walking on the road. Taking advantage of the nature of dogs, we will choose ball or frisbee when we play games with them to achieve an effective exercise effect.

Social skills

Dogs are social animals. They like to hang out with friends. They will take the initiative to find friends to play with. The pet owner usually takes them out for a walk. In a blink of an eye, they may already be in groups. The speed and number of friends will be faster and more than you !

Dog Care - Dog owners! Don’t you know the nature of dogs? Then you are out.


There are countless dogs who like to bite things. This is probably the most annoying thing for the pet owner. Dogs have a strong bite force. When their teeth are itchy, they will bite things at home to relieve them. Dogs with this condition can correct this behavior through training and give them some chicken jerky teeth snacks, and the training effect will be better.


Greedy is the nature of many dogs. In front of food, dogs can immediately become well-behaved and cute in order to be able to eat them, but the food must be paid attention to. Don’t give them human food. Human eating food is relative to dogs. Salty, it is easy to cause the dog to lose hair, tears, affect the appearance, the food for the dog should be light, you can choose some low-salt, deep-sea fish oil dog food.

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