Dog owners must know the top seven dog care knowledge, do you know?

Dog owners must know the top seven dog care knowledge, do you know?

Ear care

Ears are most susceptible to ear disease, so you should pay more attention. First apply ear wash liquid (for dogs) on a cotton swab to clean the inner and outer sides of the ear, and then pour a small amount of anti-inflammatory powder into the ear, shake the ear with your hand, so that the anti-inflammatory powder can penetrate into the ear, after cleaning the ear canal, use your hand lightly Gently pluck the hairs in the ears, and then use tweezers to pluck the hairs that are deeper in the ears.

Deworming care

Dogs have many parasites, such as Toxoplasma gondii, roundworms, hookworms, etc., so pets mainly deworm their dogs regularly. It should be noted that the anthelmintic is a kind of insecticide, which has a certain irritation to the gastrointestinal mucus of dogs. Some dogs have poor gastrointestinal conditions and are prone to vomiting and diarrhea. It is best to feed the dog some probiotics , Can reduce the irritation of deworming to the intestines.

Nail cleaning

Manicure. Just cut along the side of the blood vessel, don’t cut too hard, because it will easily hurt it. It is best to develop a habit of manicure from an early age and cut it every 2-3 weeks to avoid too long blood vessels and thick toenails.

Dental care

Nowadays, the food that dogs eat is very delicate, and they rarely eat food with strong teeth, similar to the big bones that temper the teeth and the meat that is difficult to tear, so it is easy to get all kinds of teeth or Problems with gums. The pet mainly checks the dog’s teeth frequently or regularly, and also feeds the dog with big bones or teeth-grinding foods to achieve the purpose of cleaning and fixing teeth.

Anal gland care

Mainly help dogs squeeze anal glands regularly. If you find that your dog is constantly licking or biting its tail, you should pay attention. This shows that the dog’s anal glands are not unblocked. If it is not treated in time, the skin around the anus may become pus and ulcerated due to inflammation.

Eye care

Dogs with uncomfortable eyes will scratch with their paws, which can easily damage the eyes and cornea, especially dogs with prominent eyes. The changes in the eyes are the reaction of a certain part of the body. Regular inspection and management of the dog’s eyes is beneficial to disease prevention and treatment.

Hair care

A dog is a kind of animal that likes to be clean. It often licks its own hair with its tongue to remove dirt, but it is impossible to give the dog its own hair care, so the pet owner’s help is essential. The pet owner can help the dog grooming his hair, and he can also feed the dog some low-salt, deep-sea fish oil-containing dog food or boiled egg yolk. In this way, the dog’s hair will not easily stick to parasites.

Precautions for dog care:

For the usual care of the dog, the pet owner should not only pay attention to the external care of the dog, but also pay attention to the internal care of the dog, and pay special attention to the dog’s diet. Dogs should not eat too salty, which will easily lead to rough hair or hair loss. Feeding some boiled egg yolk or olive oil can also brighten the hair and make the dog look better.

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