Dog, what is most afraid of?

Dog, what is most afraid of?

There are many dog owners now. I wonder if the pet owner knows what his dog is most afraid of? Even if some pet owners have lived with their dogs for a long time, they don’t know their dogs. In fact, the dogs in the family are most afraid of these things. It makes people sad after watching!

Being abandoned

In fact, all dogs are very afraid of being abandoned, because after being abandoned, they will live a life without an owner and suffer from hunger and cold. They have to be frightened every day. Sometimes the owner sends it to foster care for a period of time, and it will feel scared. The owner is going to abandon it, it is really sad after reading it!

Dog Care - Dog, what is most afraid of?

Pet Hospital

Most dogs are afraid to go to a pet hospital. In fact, they are not afraid because they feel that they will have an injection in the hospital. It is because the smell of disinfectant in the hospital makes them feel irritated. After all, their nose is very sensitive and they have to face it. Workers who wear masks will be even more frightened.

Dog Care - Dog, what is most afraid of?

Beat and scold it

In the eyes of a dog, the owner is the most important person. Of course, he hopes that the owner can also love him. Then the dog is most afraid of being beaten and scolded by the owner. This will make it feel that the owner does not love it, and it will be beaten by the owner for a long time. A scolding dog will make it timid and insecure.

Can’t go out to play

I believe anyone who has raised a dog knows that dogs are very playful and yearning for the outside world. For him, not being able to go out to play is what he fears most. This is equivalent to losing his freedom. If the owner does not Letting it go out to play will also affect its physical and mental health, which seems very sad.

Dog Care - Dog, what is most afraid of?

Therefore, it is best for the pet owner to take him out for exercise, walk, and do training at the same time. During training, he can cooperate with some dog snacks to eat, so that he can be more active. In addition, you need to pay attention to choosing snacks to be healthy.

No food to eat

In the heart of a dog, not only the owner is important, but also food is important. For them, no food is the most feared thing, because this is the most basic material need to ensure that it survives, so the pet owner must be regular Give your dog a ration so that it can grow up healthily.

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