Dogs always bite the traction rope, how to solve it?

Dogs always bite the traction rope, how to solve it?

Nowadays, many pet owners will bring their dogs with leashes when walking their dogs to prevent the dogs from hurting others when they go out, and to prevent the dogs from getting lost, but they will also find that many dogs have the bad habit of biting the leash , Which means I want to buy a steel rope loop. In fact, as long as we find the cause of its bite, the problem can be solved!


If the size of the leash is not suitable for the dog’s body shape, it will make the dog feel very uncomfortable to wear it forcibly, just like a hoop curse. In addition, the material of some leash is easy to wear to the dog’s hair uncomfortable, so the dog When I feel uncomfortable, I naturally want to break free, so I will bite the traction rope.

The owner should adjust according to the dog’s body shape or buy a suitable leash to make it feel more comfortable to wear, and check the hair for a period of time to avoid uncomfortable hair loss due to bad material rubbing the dog’s hair.

Want to play with you

There are many reasons why a dog bites the leash, and playing with you is one of them. The dog has stayed at home for a day, and after finally coming out, he naturally wants to find something to do. The owner usually sees the dog biting the leash and is afraid of it. It snaps off, so it will pull it back forcefully, but in the eyes of a dog, as long as you pull it, it means you are playing games with it.

Dog Care - Dogs always bite the traction rope, how to solve it?

When the owner sees the dog biting the leash, the first reaction is not to pull it, and just stop moving. When he sees that you don’t respond, he will naturally think the game is boring, and he will naturally let go.

Unwilling to go home

Some dogs can’t find their heart when you take it out for a walk. If you pull on the leash to indicate that they are going home, they will ignore you and even bite the rope in protest. The heart is too wild, such as : Shiba Inu and Siberian husky are very stubborn.

In such a situation, the owner can only compare patience with them for time-consuming, knowing that it wakes up, thinking that it has been consumed without being able to play, and will not consume it with you when it is meaningless.

There is a shadow in my heart

If the owner puts a leash on the dog and always goes to the hospital for injections or places it is afraid of, then it will have a shadow on the leash, as long as you put on the leash, it will think that you are going to take it to the terrible Place, so it will bite the rope to resist.

The owner should also take the dog to some places it likes. Don’t let it feel that just wearing a leash is going to a bad place. The two should be balanced. Go where you like and where you don’t like. It won’t have such a strong shadow.

Not fit

Most puppies will feel scared the first time they wear a leash. They will feel that their body is being manipulated, and they are very restrained, so they don’t want to wear it. Even if you forcibly wear it, they will bite the leash.

The owner shouldn’t be too anxious. If you want your dog to cooperate with you well, you should also allow the dog to have time to adapt. You can train slowly at home. At the beginning, put the leash on the ground and let it smell, familiarize it with the smell, and give it to him at home. Wear a leash to move around freely, and then take it off after a while. When you don’t resist, reward some chicken around the French fries and dog treats to encourage it. You will get used to it after you practice it a few times.

Some pet owners feel that they can work hard on the rope. For example, if you put a little chili oil or other pungent odor liquid on the leash, the dog will be obedient after the bite is uncomfortable, but the dog will not think this way, and will do it when they get used to it, and this way the dog The dog may not like you. In short, you will get the best out of it and find a good way to solve it.

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