Dogs hate these kinds of people the most, and they have been blacklisted by him!

Dogs hate these kinds of people the most, and they have been blacklisted by him!

Although a dog is very docile and friendly to everyone, he will have people who he doesn’t like. See if you are the kind of people it hates? It has been pulled into the blacklist!

A person who smells of blood

Dogs can also judge a person by smell. It has a keen sense of smell, and if it smells the bloody smell of animals or even the smell of similar fear on a person, it will make it very scared, and of course it will avoid it.

So when a dog meets a butcher, or a pet doctor, etc., it will make it scared.

The man who broke into the dog’s turf

Dogs are territorially aware animals that are very resistant to intruders.

If you accidentally break into its territory, it will make it very angry, yelling to drive you away, and leave you unknowingly, it will hate you very much and even attack you.

Dog Care - Dogs hate these kinds of people the most, and they have been blacklisted by him!

People with a pungent smell

Dogs’ sense of smell is 1200 times that of humans. Some humans find acceptable smells, which are very pungent to dogs, such as some perfumes, toilet water and other smells.

So if you have these smells on your body, it is best not to get close to your dog. It will make him feel uncomfortable, even dislike you, and become very disgusting with you.

The person who bullied it

For the owner’s behavior, the dog can also distinguish good intentions or maliciousness. If the owner often catches the dog, scares him or plays pranks,

If you often make fun of the dog, then the dog will hate you very much.

Dogs are very human, your behavior. Dogs can tell that if the owner has been ill-intentioned and keeps teasing the dog, the dog will be very disgusted.

The person who screams when he sees a dog

Loud noises or screams can stimulate the dog’s hearing, put pressure on it, and make the dog scared.

So seeing a dog who is yelling excitedly or whose expression is very exaggerated will make the dog feel insecure and stay away from you.

People who often hit dogs

In fact, he knows who is good to a dog. If the dog has been abused or hurt for a long time, it will hate you very much, and even attack you in order to protect itself.

It is recommended that the owner should not beat and scold blindly when the dog does something wrong, but should use the correct method to train. You can use delicious snacks to guide your dog, which is more effective than punishment.

The person who bullied the owner

Dogs have the character of loyal protection of their masters, and when they see their masters being bullied, they will be obliged to protect their masters.

For such a loyal dog, the owner of course wants him to spend more time with him, so a nutritious and healthy diet is very important!

The owner usually chooses some nutritious and healthy dog food to feed the dog, and occasionally feeds some fruits and vegetables, so that the dog’s nutrition is more comprehensive.

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