Dogs have these 5 major performances, and they may want to express: “Master, I hate you”

Dogs have these 5 major performances, and they may want to express: “Master, I hate you”

A large part of raising a dog is happy, but there are also a small part of unpleasant things. Dogs will like their owners, but they will also hate them. They will behave abnormally in behavior, so which behaviors show dogs Hate you?

Exhibit aggressive behavior

Most dogs are relatively docile to their owners in normal life, and rarely attack their owners. If you find that your dog’s attitude and temperament have changed drastically recently, it may be because you have done something to offend. If you take it, let it hate you, so it acts aggressively towards you.

Peeing or shit everywhere

I believe that many pet owners will start to train their dogs to pee or poop in characteristic places from an early age. Those who are well trained and have strong comprehension ability will quickly get used to peeing or pooping in specific places. If your dog is Will pee or poop in a specific place, but suddenly become free to pee or poop, then it hates you.

Dog Care - Dogs have these 5 major performances, and they may want to express: "Master, I hate you"

Demolish home

The dogs we hear most often demolish their homes. They are usually medium and large-sized dogs with high energy. But if your dog is not of that type and frequently demolishes your home, it may also mean that the dog hates you.  So vent it anger by demolition to keep you busy.

Don’t listen to the master

Generally speaking, if the master treats it well and trains it well, it is very obedient and well-behaved. If the master tells it to go east, it will never go west, but if it hates you, It won’t listen to you. you can think about the reason first, and at the same time coax him, give him some chicken jerky snacks, after all, it is easy to satisfy.

Ignore you

Many dogs will ignore you when they hate you or hate you. No matter how you bark, they will ignore you. The owner should also reflect on himself whether he has done something to offend him. It will ignore you, and the dog will be arrogant. You must find it in time and coax it well so that you won’t hate you.

Dogs are also human. They also have love and hate, happiness and sadness. We decided to take the dogs home in this short life. We should also take good care of them. In addition to their owners, their lives are the most important, and their diet is also very important. This is related to their health and longevity, and whether they can stay with you for longer.

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