Dogs lick different things, so they wanted to express these meanings!

Dogs lick different things, so they wanted to express these meanings!

Nose licking

Everyone knows that dogs are animals with a very sensitive sense of smell. Under normal circumstances, they will lick their noses to keep their noses moist, so as to ensure that their noses have a normal sense of smell. Sometimes they will lick their noses when they feel uneasy or happy. !

However, if the dog’s nose is very dry and he frequently licks his nose, the owners should pay attention to it. It may be that the dog is short of water. The owner should add water to the dog in time. If the situation persists, there will be There may be a problem with the body and you need to be brought to the doctor in time.

Dog Care - Dogs lick different things, so they wanted to express these meanings!

Licking the owner’s hands and feet

A dog who licks his owner’s hands and feet may want to express two meanings. First, want to be forgiven. When a dog makes a mistake, he uses this action to please his owner so as not to be punished. Second, if he wants to get food, the owner is Under normal circumstances, the dog will be fed snacks by hand. For a long time, the dog will express the meaning by licking the owner’s hand when he wants food.

Lick the master’s face

I believe that many pet owners have encountered the situation of being licked by a dog. When you hug it or approach it, they will lick the owner’s face from time to time, and the dog doing this is actually your expression of love If the owner’s skin is sensitive, be careful not to let the dog lick it.

Paw licking

Sometimes you see dogs licking paws, part of the reason is that their paws are injured. In order to relieve the pain, they will lick their paws. At this time, the pet owner needs to see if the dog’s paws are abnormal.

And a large part of the reason is because they are too boring. The owners try to take their dogs out to train when they have time. When exercising, they can be rewarded with small snacks such as chicken jerky.

Licking Foreign Objects

Strictly speaking, dog pica is not a disease. There are many reasons. The main reason is that the diet is too simple, causing the dog to lack certain nutrients, vitamins, trace elements, and certain proteins and amino acids.

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