Dogs these little secrets, at the moment you know them, are you stunned?

Dogs these little secrets, at the moment you know them, are you stunned?

Nowadays, more and more people keep dogs, and many pet owners know some little secrets of dogs. Then, how many little secrets do you know about dogs?

When two people live together for a long time, they will get to know each other very well, and the same is true when they get along with dogs. I don’t know if any pet owners find that they have been with a dog for a long time. When you are sad, the dog knows that it will lie quietly next to you and sometimes try to comfort you.

Under normal circumstances, dogs will not get lost. When they go out, they will use urine as a marker to spread the smell. When they go back, they will rely on these smells to find their way home, but there will be bad times when the dog arrives. It is easy to get lost in a place far away from frequent visits, so the owner must pay more attention to the dynamics of his dog to avoid getting lost.

Dogs also have very effective emotional management, such as wagging their tails when they see people, sobbing and whimpering when they are frightened, and yawning when they are unwilling to face things.

Dog Care - Dogs these little secrets, at the moment you know them, are you stunned?

Dogs usually seem to not sweat on the surface. In fact, their sweat glands are not well-developed and are only distributed on their paws and tongues. So when they feel hot, they will secrete saliva instead of sweat in addition to their paws. To lower your body temperature, you will often see dogs with their mouths open, their tongues sticking out, and gasping for breath.

We all know that human fingerprints are unique. Did you know that dogs also have nose prints? You can see it close up and the dog’s nose pattern is also unique.

Usually watching dogs drink water from the front, they always think that they are licking water, but they are not. Looking at it from a different position, you will find the New World. From the side, they will roll their tongues back to help scoop the water.

During the period of raising a dog, what else should I pay attention to?

For dietary problems, if you give your dog food that is too salty and oily, it is prone to tear marks and hair loss. The staple food should be low-oil, low-salt and nutritious dog food with a salt content of 0.5% and deep-sea fish oil, which can relieve the dog. Because of the tears caused by diet, it can nourish and improve the dog’s skin, provide sufficient nutrients for the dog’s hair, and help the dog to alleviate the hair loss.

Training snacks, training dogs with training snacks at the same time will have a better training effect. It is recommended that the owner choose some real materials when choosing snacks for the dog, which can not only train, but also grind the teeth to remove bad breath.

Usually, it is not advisable to bathe your dog too much. It is recommended to control the number of bathing once 1-2 weeks. At the same time, you need to use a pet-specific lotion.

Deworming dogs regularly. Generally speaking, deworming is divided into in vitro and in vivo. It is best to perform in vivo deworming once every three months and in vitro deworming once a month.

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