Dogs who are about to die have these characteristics!

Dogs who are about to die have these characteristics!

The life span of dogs is very short, and the time to accompany us is not long. For people who keep dogs, the most unacceptable thing is the day they leave us. Let’s take a look at dogs that are dying. They have these characteristics. , The pet mainly pays attention!

The characteristics of a dying dog


A dog can predict the day when he is about to die, so he will choose to run away from home before he dies, because the dog before his death has no strength to fight other animals, so it is easy to be caught by others. The subject, because he did not want the owner to be harmed, would choose to run away from home to protect the owner.

Can’t stand up

Dogs that are about to die, their bodies will become heavy and their whole body will become weak, even if they want to stand up, they will have powerlessness. For dogs with such characteristics, the owner needs to pay more attention, if they feel that they are not too energetic. Well, we must be mentally prepared.

Dog Care - Dogs who are about to die have these characteristics!

Abnormal breathing

Dogs that are dying may also have abnormal breathing, and may even show symptoms of breathing difficulties. If your dog has such symptoms, you must pay attention to it. Always accompany it and pay attention to it. Cherish the last time.

Wobbly walk

Another symptom of a dog that is about to die is that it walks and shakes and bumps into things. Such a dog has lost its way and lost its bodily functions. The pet owner should pay attention to it, so that the limp dog can still The time to accompany you is very short.

How to care for an elderly dog

The resistance of an elderly dog will decrease, and the owner needs to take it for regular physical examinations, so as to prevent problems before they occur, and the daily hygiene should also be cleaned and disinfected.

Elderly dogs should also take them appropriately. It is best not to choose a place with stairs, otherwise it will easily lead to wrestling. At the same time, the owner can also supplement calcium to strengthen the dog’s bone hardness.

The digestive system of elderly dogs is degraded. Usually, you should choose some easy-to-eat foods, and pay attention to eating small and frequent meals, so that it will not last, you can choose some easy-to-absorb and digest dog food.

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