Dogs will also be sad, these few things will hurt him deeply!

Dogs will also be sad, these few things will hurt him deeply!

Although dogs are always happy and don’t care about everything, they actually have things they don’t like in their hearts. For example, these few things may be sad, and the owner must be careful not to do it again!

Been fostered outside for a long time

Many busy owners can’t take good care of their dogs, so they can only foster them in other places, such as relatives and friends’ homes, or pet shops.

Dogs often live in different environments like this, have to change places before adapting, and often do not see their owners, which will make it difficult for dogs to get used to the new environment and even become depressed.

Dog Care - Dogs will also be sad, these few things will hurt him deeply!

Have lost experience

Dogs living in cities basically don’t recognize their way. Once they get lost, it’s hard to find their way home.

When a dog gets lost, he will not only panic looking for his owner, but he may also be taken away, bullied by a stray dog, and unable to find food. When he is found by the owner, the dog may be frightened and his personality will change. Tired and cautious, even suffering from depression.

Often frightened

Some owners often play pranks on their dogs, and like to watch their scared expressions and enjoy it.

But dogs are also very sad. If they are often frightened, they will gradually stop trusting you, and even resist and attack you.

Be abused

Dogs can’t tell what they’re doing wrong. The mistakes they make often are actually just the nature of the dog.

Some owners will be very extreme when punishing dogs. They will not only beat and scold them, but also tie them up and lock them in a small black house. These methods of punishment not only fail to train the dog well, but also deeply hurt him and make him afraid of you.

The owner can strengthen the training of the dog from an early age. After the dog makes a mistake, he can pat it slightly, and cooperate with the chicken jerky snacks. When it is done right, it will be rewarded so that it can deepen the memory of training. Listen more to you.


There are more and more dog owners, and there are more and more stray dogs on the road. Abandoned dog is not only difficult to survive, but also deeply hurts it, and it is hard to believe in humans.

The owner should consider carefully before raising a dog, even if there is no way to raise it, he should find a better destination for it, rather than just abandon it.

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