Dogs will feel scared when they hear these 6 sounds.

Dogs will feel scared when they hear these 6 sounds.

Although dogs are a kind of small pets, they are like us, they also have the sound of fear. If you encounter them, the owner must remember to comfort the dog, otherwise it will always be immersed in fear. So today, let’s talk about the sounds that dogs are afraid of.

Scared sound


Although there are not many times when thunder can be heard in a year, it is also very loud and harsh. In addition, dogs hear this sound less often, so they will be very scared when they hear it.

Dog Care - Dogs will feel scared when they hear these 6 sounds.

The sound of the vacuum cleaner

When the owner is cleaning and using the vacuum cleaner, has he noticed that the dog hides far away? Mainly this sound is really too noisy, sometimes people will be very annoying to listen to it, very torture, and even see the vacuum cleaner when it is not in use, the dog will always stare at it, showing annoying eyes!

Bar DJ sound

Some owners also bring their own dogs when they go to the bar. This is also a torture for some timid dogs. The sound in the bar is loud and noisy, and dogs are sensitive to sounds, so dogs hate them. the sound of.

Ambulance, police car

Ambulances and police cars are very loud, and the sound will last for a long time, and this kind of sound is not very common, so dogs will be scared and uncomfortable when they hear it.

The sound of a horror movie

Some owners will bring their dogs to watch horror movies at home because they will not be so scared with them, but the owners don’t know that the dogs are actually very scared at this time. In addition to the scary background music of horror movies, they are also scary. It will scare the dog.

The sound of fireworks

When this sound appears, it is usually on a festive holiday, and people will find it very lively, but dogs don’t think so, this kind of dog sound is too harsh for it.

How to improve the dog’s response to these sensitive sounds?

For training in desensitization methods, you can play these scary sounds at home, but start with the smallest volume and increase it slowly. After a long time, the dog will slowly get used to it. When training, be careful not to rush for success. Take your time. The dog also needs time to adapt. If the dog can do it, he should also give some dried duck snacks to encourage him, and usually play with the dog more. Enhance its self-confidence.

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