Dogs with short lifespans have these characteristics!

Dogs with short lifespans have these characteristics!

Dog owners want their dogs to live longer and spend more time with themselves. However, different dogs have different life spans, so what are the characteristics of dogs with shorter lifespans? Woolen cloth? Hope your dog does not show these characteristics.


Dogs often get depressed because they can’t think about some small things, such as: too sticky to the owner, the owner leaves, and the dog can’t see the owner, he will think that the owner doesn’t want it. In this way, the health of the dog who cannot think about it is also easily affected, and the life span will naturally not be long.

Abnormal bowel movements

The dog’s poop can reflect many problems with the dog’s physical condition. If it is found that the dog has abnormal bowel movements, or always has constipation or diarrhea, it may be because the dog has a physical problem and needs to be treated in time, otherwise it will threaten health. , Affect life.

Dog Care - Dogs with short lifespans have these characteristics!

Poor sleep quality

Dogs, like us humans, need a certain amount of sleep every day to have a good mental state. If your dog wakes up frequently, the quality of sleep is not good, and the body is not relaxed, it will also have a certain impact on the dog’s health and lifespan. , The owner should pay more attention to it, see what the reason is, and spend more time with the dog to let it relax.

Don’t like sports

Dogs need a relative amount of exercise every day, so that physical and mental health can be guaranteed. Keeping exercise can enhance the dog’s immunity and reduce the chance of getting sick. If your dog does not like exercise, disease resistance will become worse and more likely to be obese. It is not conducive to extending the dog’s life. The pet owner usually takes the dog to exercise more, and rewards it with some chicken jerky snacks, so that it can participate more actively.

Picky eaters

Healthy, long-lived dogs eat well and drink well, and generally have a good appetite. On the contrary, if the dog is picky and anorexia, it will lead to malnutrition and naturally affect the extension of life.

If you encounter a dog picky food situation, the owner can consider changing a dog food suitable for it.

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