Doing these things by the master is punishment for Labrador Retriever. How many do you know?

Doing these things by the master is punishment for Labrador Retriever. How many do you know?

Labrador Retriever is docile and friendly. It is one of the most popular dog breeds. I believe that many things will happen to Labrador during the breeding process. Some of these things are punishments for it. How many do you know?

Hold too tight

Most dogs don’t like to be hugged, and so does Labrador Retriever. Your Labrador Retriever is willing to be hugged by you absolutely because you love you, but there are ways when you are in Labrador Retriever. Holding too tight will make Labrador Retriever Feels very uncomfortable, hard to breathe, and even resists and hates you. For Labrador Retriever, this is a punishment, not a way to express your love for it.

Close up

Labrador Retriever is freedom-loving. Some owners will lock up Labrador Retriever when they want to go out or to prevent them from being lost. However, if they are closed for a long time, Labrador Retriever will become irritable and irritable. In severe cases, it will become depressed. Maybe the owner is thinking about Labrador Retriever, but this is a punishment for it.

Dog Care Labrador Retriever - Doing these things by the master is punishment for Labrador Retriever. How many do you know?

Make it do difficult moves

Labrador Retriever has a high IQ and is very smart, so when many owners want to make it better when training it, they will make it do some difficult movements to show its ability. But did you know that those difficult actions, such as getting it to stand up and walk, do handstands, etc., are like torture to it. Labrador Retriever will be particularly uncomfortable, and it will be very hard to walk, and it will even hurt it. Bones!

Doing the wrong thing cold violence

Labrador Retriever will inevitably do something wrong. The owner ignores Labrador Retriever because it does something wrong, which will bring psychological trauma to Labrador Retriever. You need to educate you when you do something wrong. When you educate Labrador Retriever, you can combine rewards and punishments. When doing the right thing, use some chicken jerky training snacks to reward it, so that the education is effective.


Labrador Retriever is very afraid of injections, but it is not because of the pain of injections, but because the injections have to go to the hospital, and the sensitive Labrador Retriever is very sensitive to the smell of the hospital, it is particularly unpleasant and irritating, so bring Labrador Retriever An injection is a nightmare punishment.

But sometimes Labrador Retriever gets sick, and injections are unavoidable. What we can do is to reduce the chance of Labrador Retriever getting sick and reduce the number of injections. Many health problems often appear in diet. Inadequate nutrition can easily cause Labrador Retriever to get sick and affect development.

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