Doing these things will make dogs hate you.

Doing these things will make dogs hate you.

Don’t think that a dog has nothing to hate. In fact, like us, it also has things that it hates.

Hug tightly

Although people usually hug the dogs during the process of raising dogs, and they do not show uncomfortable feelings.

In fact, this is because it loves its master, so it will not resist.

In fact, dogs do not like being hugged, especially hugging tightly, which makes them feel uncomfortable and stressful.

The owner often hugs it tightly, which will make the dog hate you, and now it’s too late to correct it!

Walking the dog becomes chasing the dog

Although everyone is very busy, it is essential to walk the dog every day to raise a dog.

When a dog goes out for a walk, in addition to solving the problem of urination and defecation, he also has to smell things to understand the world.

Although this is very annoying, it is their nature. If the owner turns dog walking into chasing dog, the dog will hate it.

Compulsory social

Although dogs are social animals, not all dogs like to socialize.

This is similar to humans. Some people are born with social phobia, and compulsory social interaction will only make things worse.

A dog with a friendly personality does not mean that it will be friendly to other dogs, because they have a certain sense of territory and they will also encounter dogs that they hate.

Dog Care - Doing these things will make dogs hate you.

If the owner forces the dog to socialize, it will make the dog hate you.

Ignore the dog

If the owner is usually busy, just ignore it and think it’s better to buy some toys and let it play by itself.

Then you are very wrong, and this does not make up for your fault of not accompanying it and ignoring it.

If the owner often ignores the dog, it will make him hate you. It is still too late to change such a thing!

No matter how busy you are, you should also take some time to interact with the dog and play games. You can also reward the dog with snacks when playing games, so that it will be more satisfying and happy.

Don’t feed it

In the eyes of a dog, the owner is very important. If he thinks the most important owner does not feed him, it will be very painful for him.

If the owner punishes the dog by not giving it food, it will not only make the dog hate you, but also harm its health.

Therefore, the owner must be careful not to do such a thing. There are many ways to punish it, but not giving it food is too much.

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