Essential knowledge for keeping a dog.

Essential knowledge for keeping a dog.

Raising a dog is really a very happy thing, because cute dogs can always bring us a lot of happiness. After raising a dog for a long time, you will find that it has become a part of our lives. We have to Master these essential knowledge of dog keeping!


Most pet owners will buy some toys for their dogs, so that they can relieve their boredom when they are not accompanied by their pet owners. Pay attention here. Dogs are very curious and will bite when they see anything, especially young ones. Dogs, for the sake of safety, when choosing toys, the pet owner should choose toys that are bite-resistant and not easily swallowed.


For a dog, the owner’s company is very important, and more interaction with the dog can also increase the feelings and trust between you, and let it know that the owner loves it and will not harm it. Such an environment is good The growth of dogs also plays a key role, and some dogs suffer from depression because they lack the company of their owners. This shows the importance of company.

Walk the dog

The pet should pay attention to it. You can take your dog out only after the vaccine has been vaccinated. This can avoid many accidents, but you must also do deworming work before going out. You need to pay attention to the number and time of walking the dog, morning and evening every day Walk once each. The recommended duration for small dogs is about half an hour, for medium dogs is recommended for 1-2 hours, and for large dogs it is recommended to last for more than 2 hours.


Do not think that vaccines are an IQ tax. In fact, vaccines can effectively prevent many dog diseases and ensure the health of dogs. Generally speaking, the first shot of the vaccine starts at 45 days after the dog’s birth, and the first three shots are 6 shots. (The next shot will be given 21 days after each shot), and then the last fourth shot of rabies vaccine (after one week from the third shot), perform a health check first.

Dog Care - Essential knowledge for keeping a dog.


Usually, the water temperature can be controlled at 35-40 degrees Celsius (it is recommended to take an intermediate value, which is slightly lower in summer and slightly higher in winter, and it is best to approximate body temperature). The correct cleaning cycle is controlled at about 1-2 times per month (in winter) and 2-3 times (in summer). Pay attention to the use of pet-specific lotion, avoid eyes when bathing, and blow dry hair in time after bathing. If it is not particularly dirty, wipe it with a wet towel and blow dry.


Deworming your dog regularly is also one of the essential knowledge for keeping a dog. If you don’t know it, then you are really raising it for nothing. You can do the first internal deworming when your dog is 2-3 months old. 3 Dogs over the age of three months should be dewormed internally every three months and dewormed externally once a month.

Feeding amount and frequency

For a dog, its diet is related to its health. Therefore, the owner of a dog must know the amount and frequency of feeding to the dog, how much to feed the dog, you can refer to the instructions on the dog food, it will list Dogs with different weights should eat how much to keep their weight and maintain a healthy body.

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