Five characteristics of a purebred French bulldog.

Five characteristics of a purebred French bulldog.

The price of the French Bulldog is cheap. If you spend a lot of money and buy a non-purebred one, will you be very angry? Today, let’s talk about the 5 characteristics of purebred French bulldogs and see if you have them in your family!

The ears are typical bat ears

There is a particularly important part of distinguishing whether a dog is purebred or not. The important part for distinguishing whether a French bulldog is purebred is that the purebred French bulldog ears are typical bat ears and are located on the higher position of the head. , There is a large distance between the two ears, the ear tips are round, the roots are wide, and the ears are erect.

The head is shaped like a square

The head of a purebred French bulldog is relatively wide, shaped like a square, the skull is relatively flat and well positioned, and the blacker the nose of the purebred French bulldog is the better, and the nose is also wider. If the skull is high, it is not purebred either.

Dog Care - Five characteristics of a purebred French bulldog.

Muscular limbs

The purebred French bulldog has strong muscles, strong limbs, and a stable posture when standing. The forelegs are straight and short and strong, but the hind limbs are stronger than the forelimbs and longer than the forelimbs. The feet are of moderate size, and the toes and claws are shorter.

Short and round

The purebred French bulldog has a short and round body, strong bones, wide and deep chest, full ribs and upwards, a large abdomen, a short neck and loose skin, but it will not sag, so if it is a French bulldog, the body is more Thin, long neck, then it may be fake!

The coat is short and smooth

The coat of a purebred French bulldog is short and smooth, and it feels very comfortable to the touch. The color is a little red tiger, pale yellow or brown, or has a white background. If it touches the hand, the hair is also Longer, then it’s a string. In addition, although the French bulldog has short hair, it will shed its hair. It is not difficult to clean up, but the diet should be kept light. It is best to choose low-salt dog food.

Of course, no matter whether your French bulldog is a purebred or not, it is a baby you raised by yourself, and it listens to the owner’s words and is one of the dog breeds that are easy to domesticate, but it also needs to be from the French bulldog. Start training at an early age, let him get used to distinguishing good from bad, what can be done and what is not, praise him for doing the right thing. You can give him some dried duck snacks as a reward. Of course, he should criticize if he makes a mistake. Swear, but never do it often.

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