Five scents make dogs intoxicated!

Five scents make dogs intoxicated!

As we all know, a dog’s sense of smell is very sensitive, and there are many smells that a dog can distinguish. If you smell the 5 favorite smells for your dog, any one of them can be intoxicated.

The smell of lavender

The scent of lavender can help humans relax their nerves and fall asleep peacefully. Of course, it is also useful for dogs. Dogs smelling the scent of lavender can make them quiet and help fall asleep. The weather is hot and grumpy. Smell the dog at a time, you can let it smell, and it is easy to get intoxicated.

Similar taste

If you have also come into contact with your own dog before touching someone else’s dog, you will leave the smell of your own dog on your body, so that other dogs will smell the smell of the same kind, and you will be more close and friendly to you , May follow you home to find its kind.

Dog Care - Five scents make dogs intoxicated!

The taste of the owner

The dog’s favorite taste is the smell on the owner’s body. If you smell it before going to bed, you can sleep peacefully at night. It is a natural sleeping pill without side effects, and the owner’s smell can always give the dog a strong and safe feel.

The taste of coconut

Dogs also like the smell of coconut very much. This smell will make the dog rest longer and sleep better. It also likes to eat coconut water or coconut meat. If you have just drunk or eaten it, the dog will pester you. In addition, it is not recommended to eat more for the dog, which will easily lead to diarrhea. If you find diarrhea in the dog, do not let it eat coconut in the short term, and feed it appropriately. These probiotics regulate the intestinal tract.

The taste of meat

In addition to the taste of the owner, the second thing is definitely the taste of food. Dogs are very greedy. When they smell the taste of food, their mouths will be itchy and very excited. Even if they are full, they will still be attracted. Do everything possible to get food, if you have food in your hands, you will definitely like you very much

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