Four ways to train your dog to sit up.

Four ways to train your dog to sit up.

Generally speaking, a dog can be taught to sit up at about one year old, because it is equivalent to about seven years old for humans. At this time, the dog is relatively healthy relative to development, and practicing sitting and standing will also help it grow up later. There are four ways to train a dog to sit and stand in simple terms. One is food lure, the second is to give instructions, the third is to train the sitting time, and the fourth is to complete a series of actions. Next, I will explain how to do it in detail. 

Food bait

The first is to prepare snacks that the dog likes to eat, and then reward the dog during the training. After a few times, the dog will understand that it can be rewarded after doing this, and it will get used to doing this action on its own. 

Give an order

Sending a command means that the dog must be fixed with a instruction when starting to train the dog, such as sit or sit down, so that when it hears such a command in the future, it will sit down by itself.

Dog Training - Four ways to train your dog to sit up.

Training sit quietly time

After it can understand the instructions, then we can train it to sit still. After giving the order, let it sit on the opposite side of you, and then slowly get up and leave. If the dog is moving away from you When you want to stand up, you should repeatedly issue instructions such as sit and let it go back to its original position. But it is worth noting that at the beginning of the initial training, if you do not move within ten seconds, you can give the dog a certain reward, and then slowly extend the time. When training, pay attention to the time from short to long, and the distance should be From near to far, don’t worry.

Complete a series of actions

Generally speaking, preparing a leash is helpful for dog training. When you guide it to the opposite side of you, then give instructions. At the same time, you can raise the leash or directly teach it to sit down. If the dog is not very good at this time Understand this meaning, if you want to jump up, you don’t need to worry about it at this time. You just need to repeatedly shout to sit, and then repeat its posture until it sits down consciously later, and wait until it is basically After completing this series of actions, you can reward food and snacks.

When training, we should choose a quiet environment so that the dog will not be attracted to other things. After it can do a series of actions familiarly, it can be trained in a complex environment. This is also true. It can exercise the dog’s anti-interference ability very well. When training in a complex environment, its movements are easily affected by stimuli. Therefore, it is necessary to appropriately use forced methods to allow it to adapt slowly. The above are the four ways to train your dog to sit and stand. I hope that your dog can learn it as soon as possible.

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