Frequent violent punishment of dogs can lead to serious consequences!

Frequent violent punishment of dogs can lead to serious consequences!

Border Collie’s IQ in the dog world is well known, and its memory is also very good. If the owner has a bad temper and Border Collie accidentally makes a mistake, he will resort to violence to punish Border Collie. Then Border Collie has always kept it in his heart. More and more times, it is easy to cause these consequences!


Border Collie fights when he does something wrong. For a long time, if he gets beaten too much, there is nothing left to miss. If he feels disappointed with you, he will choose to run away from home, rather than go home. .

Dog Care - Frequent violent punishment of Border Colliecan lead to serious consequences!

Personality change

If the owner treats Border Collie violently for a long time, it will make Border Collie more sensitive and irritable. When he sees you, he will be scared and want to run away immediately, even if you don’t want to beat it, it will also go away. , I no longer trust you.

In mind

Border Collie’s memory is very good, and he is often beaten by his owner a lot, so Border Collie will always keep it in his mind, and maybe a little thing can break out afterwards. Such Border Collie is uncomfortable, and he thinks about it every day. Become a grudge against you.


Although Border Collie is smart, it cannot withstand the long-term beatings of the owner. Over time, he develops a mentality of revenge. He always thinks about what he wants to do to retaliate against you. If you don’t let it get better, it won’t make you feel better. This is the so-called Let’s return to his own body in his own way. In fact, Border Collie is so smart that it can make fewer mistakes through training. As long as the owner is patient, it is easy to tame it. It is best to reward some goat cheese snacks for training. It can grind teeth and the training effect is also significant.

Exhibit aggressive behavior

If the owner treats Border Collie well, who is generally a docile dog, he rarely exhibits aggressive behavior, but if the owner beats him aggressively for a long time, then this behavior is easy to occur. Any person or animal will be intolerable. Day.

When people make mistakes, dogs are the same. No one is born without making mistakes. The main correction method should be used well. Don’t use violence frequently, so that no one can stand it. In addition, people who raise Border Collie know that. Border Collie will shed hair. If it is serious, the entire house will have its hair. At this point, it is recommended that pet owners choose low-salt dog food for Border Collie to alleviate hair loss.

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