Grooming care of Doberman Pinscher.

Grooming care of Doberman Pinscher.

1. Repair back hair

It is necessary to comb the doberman’s back hair frequently, and brush off the dead hair on the Doberman’s body with bristle gloves every day, which is conducive to the growth of new hair. Bathe the Doberman 2-3 times a week. When bathing the Doberman, you can apply some baby hair oil or coconut oil to the dog to keep the hair shiny. You can also use a pet-specific natural pet shampoo. Use bristle gloves to wipe the dog’s hair vigorously. Wipe the dog’s hair with a damp cloth once a week to ensure that the Doberman’s body is not contaminated with dirt. Use deerskin to wipe the dog’s hair so that it can make the Doberman’s hair shiny.

2. Ear hair trimming

Doberman grooming should be started from an early age, and the toenails of the puppies in the lactation period should be trimmed to prevent the baby from scratching the mother. Use an electric clipper to trim the hair outside the ear against the texture of the hair, remove the excess hair from the inner ear and the ear root along the direction of the ear tip to the ear root; and trim the hair at the ear root boundary. Do not use your mouth to blow the broken hairs in your ears, but use your fingers to remove them.

3. Repair the chin

Use fine hair shears to repair the twisted hair on the throat. Never use conventional scissors and electric clippers. Generally, scissors will cut too much hair to make pits appear on the fur. Use fine hair clippers to trim the hair on the chest and shoulders against the direction of hair growth. Any clumping hair will destroy the uniformity of the entire body contour, and similar hairs in other parts should be trimmed as needed to minimize the presence of cluttered clumps.

4. Shaving beard

Use curved scissors to trim your eyebrows and beards. Because this kind of scissors does not have a sharp blade, it will not damage hair that shouldn’t be cut. In fact, the most annoying thing is its beard, which grows out very quickly as soon as the beard is completely shaved, and the longest growth cycle is only one week. Therefore, in order to prevent repeated trimming, it is best to thoroughly shave the beard on the upper and lower lips.

5. Waist trimming

Be careful when handling the hair on the waist, so that the cutting edge of the scissors is parallel to the ridge of the back, and cut obliquely toward the stomach (not outward). Remove the excessively long hair on the abdomen, but do not touch the nipples.

6. Repair limbs

In order to make the foot look more compact, remove the excess hair between the toes, remember not to dig with scissors. After trimming the pads of the forefoot and the inner hairs between the knobs and the toes, you should no longer trim the upper pads. At this time, rotate the scissors to trim the outer parts between the knobs and the toes in a diagonal line to make the whole foot smooth and tidy.

The next step is to deal with the legs of the Doberman Pinscher, smooth the hair with your hands, and remove the messy long hair. When most of the trimming work is completed, your focus should be on the ears, turn your head to the side, remove the loose hair on the ears, and clean the ears with alcohol.

7, Ear canal cleaning

The ear canal of a dog is easy to accumulate grease, dust and moisture, especially for big-eared dogs. The drooping ear shell often covers the ear canal, or the long hair near the ear canal (such as poodles, Pekingese, etc.) The ear canal can be covered, so that the ear canal becomes infected and inflamed due to poor air circulation and easy accumulation of dirt and moisture. Therefore, it is necessary to check the ear canal of the dog frequently. If you find that the dog often scratches the ear, or constantly shakes his head and swings his ears, it means that there is a problem with the ear canal, and it should be checked carefully in time.

Earwax removal method is: first disinfect the external ear canal with an alcohol cotton ball, and then use 3% sodium bicarbonate ear drops or 2% boric acid to drip the earwax. After the dried earwax is softened, gently remove it with tweezers. The tweezers cannot be inserted. If it is too deep, the spirit should be highly concentrated. If the dog shakes the head, remove the tweezers quickly to avoid puncturing the eardrum or puncturing the mucous membrane of the ear canal. For the inflamed ear canal, 4% boric acid glycerin ear drops, 2.5% chloramphenicol glycerin ear drops, cortisone neomycin ear drops, etc. can be used 3 times a day. In addition, the long hair near the ear canal should be trimmed regularly, and shampoo and water should be prevented from splashing into the ear canal when bathing.

8. Trim toenails

Dogs often move on rough ground and can automatically smooth out their paws, such as wolf dogs. If it seldom run on rough ground and have less friction, the toenails of dogs will grow quickly, such as Pekingese, Shih Tzu, and Poodles. Toenails that are too long can cause discomfort to the dog, and it is also easy to damage home furniture, textiles, carpets and other items; sometimes too long toenails can split and cause local infections.

In addition, the dog’s hallux has degenerated, and there are flying toes just above the inside of the foot, commonly known as “wolf paws.” Therefore, trim your dog’s toenails on a regular basis.

Dogs’ toenails are very hard and should be trimmed with a special toe clipper for dogs and cats. The degenerated wolf claws should be removed by the veterinarian within 2 to 3 weeks after the puppies are born, and only one stitch is required to avoid future problems.

In the daily toenail trimming method, in addition to the use of special toenail scissors, it is best to wait until the toenail is soaked in the bath before cutting. But it should be noted that there are blood vessels and nerves at the base of each toe. Therefore, do not cut too much or too deep when pruning, generally only cut about 1/3 of the claw, and should be filed flat to prevent damage.

If the dog is found to behave abnormally after cutting the toenail, check the toe carefully to check for bleeding and damage. If there is any damage, apply iodine. In addition to cutting toenails, check for injuries under the feet. In addition, the hair around the toe claws and the footrest should be cut frequently to prevent it from slipping.

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