Have these quirks after raising a dog?

Have these quirks after raising a dog?

Dog owners have many different topics, and after hearing that many people raise dogs, there are many quirks. Let’s see if you have the following quirks!

Say something to the dog

The so-called heartfelt words are that the owner will tell the dog something that he does not understand at all, and people who don’t know will think you are very strange. In fact, you just want to talk to the dog about your troubles or little secrets, so that you can express your feelings, after all, the dog will not reveal your little secrets.

Get up and touch the dog first

After raising a dog, the first thing you do every time you wake up is to find the dog and pet it. It’s like a habit. Sometimes your dog will wake you up before you get up, just like a timed alarm clock. , Can’t call it, but will use all kinds of methods, you can’t think that it is so capable.

Call it if you have nothing to do

With a dog, you will find that you call the dog the most names every day. At home, you will call it when you have nothing to do. You will feel relieved to see the feeling that it hears you call it and then runs towards you. , But the owner shouldn’t always shout at everything, or the dog may ignore you.

Dog Care - Have these quirks after raising a dog?

I only recognize dogs when I go out

When walking a dog, you will always meet a few pet owners who also walk the dog. Later, when you go out and see the owner, you may not know the owner, but when you see the dog or talk about the name of the dog, you will immediately know who the owner is. This is the saying that dogs are more famous than their owners.

Protect children

After raising a dog, I feel that I have raised a child, and someone has done something unfavorable to it, or if I hear someone say that my child is not good, I will feel disliked, bored, and even make a counterattack. , On the premise of protecting the children, the dog should not be wrong and don’t indulge.

Usually the owner should train the dog more to improve his obedience, train him to be a good dog, so that he can reduce the number of wrong things, and he can use some chicken jerky snacks to reward him during training, so that he can get more satisfaction. .

The whole phone is a picture of a dog

After raising a dog, the phone’s photo albums and wallpapers are almost always the figure of his own dog. Whether it is sad, happy or angry, the dog picks up the phone to record its various moments, and then he always picks it up and recollects it slowly. .

After raising a dog, many pet owners will think about it because their dog has a slight illness, and worry too much. In fact, as long as the pet owner takes the dog to maintain exercise, feeds healthily, and has sufficient nutrition, it can reduce the chance of the dog getting sick to a certain extent. The staple food of the dog should be mainly dog food, and it is best to choose the nutritious natural grain.

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