Home remedies for a cold in a ragdoll.

Home remedies for a cold in a ragdoll.

Ragdoll colds need to create a constant temperature environment to prevent colds from aggravating colds. Appropriate feeding of lysine, fruit root extract, etc. to improve body resistance and resist virus invasion. If the eyes are inflamed, treat the puppet cat with anti-inflammatory eye drops.

How to deal with ragdoll cold

1. Give ragdoll a constant temperature environment and refuse to change the temperature. In a stable environment, cats can also adapt better.

2. Choose drugs, such as Suunuo, lysine, fruit root, etc., and need to feed drugs and nutritional creams that improve resistance.

3. Cats have poor appetite. Try to choose foods that cats usually eat, such as boiled chicken breast, prescription canned food, nutrient cream, cat amine cream, etc., and try to ensure the cat’s food intake.

4. Keep it clean. Tableware and living environment need to be disinfected and ventilated to maintain a clean environment so that the cat can recover as soon as possible.

5. You can use anti-inflammatory eye drops for glasses with inflammation and tears, and wipe the eyes and around the eyes as much as possible. At the same time, after the new cat arrives home, try to minimize strangers visiting home. At the same time, the aborigines need to isolate and minimize the space for cats to move around. It is recommended that the cat be kept in a cage for one week, and the cat can only start running around after adapting to the environment.

Ragdoll cold symptoms

Watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose, loss of appetite, lack of energy, slight diarrhea, etc.

Ragdoll cold precautions

First of all, it is necessary to confirm whether the cat has a common cold. In addition to observing the appearance and spirit of the cat, it is the most direct and intuitive way to do the test. If you carry cat plague virus, please isolate and send to the hospital immediately, or seek medical treatment under the guidance of a professional. If the cat plague and other diseases are excluded, there are actually many causes of cat colds, such as emergency, temperature difference and so on. The common cold does not need to be taken to the hospital, you can take medicine at home and you can recover.

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