How do guide dogs distinguish traffic lights? How much do you know about the secrets of these dogs’ bodies!

How do guide dogs distinguish traffic lights? How much do you know about the secrets of these dogs’ bodies!

Although many people keep dogs, and many people have kept dogs for many years, few people know the little secrets of dogs’ bodies. How do guide dogs distinguish traffic lights? Looking at so many questions, how much do you know?

Normal body temperature

The most accurate way for dogs to measure their body temperature is to measure their anal temperature.

Normal and healthy temperature for dogs: adult dogs—37.5~38.5℃; puppies—38.5~39℃.

Whether the dog’s body temperature is too high or too low, it means that the dog is sick! The owner should take the dog to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to ensure health.

Dog Care Guide Dog - How do guide dogs distinguish traffic lights? How much do you know about the secrets of these dogs' bodies!

Sleeping time

Some dogs seem to be full of vitality every day and don’t know they are tired, but some dogs fall asleep at home every day and are unwilling to move. How long does a dog need to sleep?

In fact, dogs sleep for a long time, but most of them are fragmented light sleeps. They can accumulate energy and relax after sleep and wake up.

Generally adult dogs need to sleep for 10 to 15 hours, while puppies have longer bodies, usually about 20 hours.


Have you ever observed how many toes a dog has? Most dogs have 5 toes on each of their front feet and 4 toes on each of their hind feet.

But what many owners fail to discover is that the dog’s front foot has a very special toe-“wolf toe”. In fact, it is the degeneration of the toes of the dog, which is not helpful for the dog to walk normally, and it has no effect.

However, the owner should observe the wolf’s toe more often when trimming the dog’s nails, so as not to cause the wolf’s toe nails to be too long inwardly and stick into the flesh, which will affect the dog’s walking.

Color discrimination

Dogs can see much less colors than humans. It’s a weak color.

In addition to black, white and gray, dogs can also see blue and yellow. And red, orange, green, etc. are close to gray in the eyes of dogs.

Cold knowledge: Although dogs can’t distinguish between red and green, they can distinguish the different brightness of gray in the eyes of traffic lights, so guide dogs use this to distinguish whether it is passable.

Number of teeth

Dogs generally start to grow teeth in about 20 days, and there are 28 deciduous teeth. By the time of about 3 months, the teeth will grow up to 42 permanent teeth.

During the tooth replacement period, if the dog’s baby teeth have not fallen out. Permanent teeth will grow out, which will cause the dog to have double rows of teeth, which will not only affect the appearance, but will also be more likely to form dental calculus and cause oral problems.

It is recommended that the owner can give the dog moderately soft and hard teething snacks, such as goat cheese, chicken jerky, etc., to help the tooth fall out; or ask the doctor to avoid double teeth in the dog.

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