How does a dog recognize its owner?

How does a dog recognize its owner?

Many people now have pets, and dogs are of course everyone’s first choice pets. They always bring us a lot of happiness. As the owner, do you know how a dog recognizes its owner?

Auditory recognition. Everyone knows the sense of hearing of dogs, they can hear a lot of distant sounds.

For example, when the owner goes home downstairs, they will immediately run to the door to wait for the owner to return. Only then will they see the dog as soon as the owner opens the door, because the owner’s footsteps have been deeply imprinted in their minds. 

Dog Care - How does a dog recognize its owner?

Smell recognition. In addition to their sensitive hearing, dogs are also one of the best in their sense of smell. They can distinguish about 2 million scents. Even if you are blindfolded, they can also find you.

At this time, you can think of drug detection dogs. After special training, they can quickly and quickly find the corresponding items, so finding their owner is actually a very simple matter. After all, they have been together for so long.

Visual recognition. Although a dog’s vision is not as good as its hearing and smell, it can still distinguish several colors, so it is not difficult to recognize the owner who gets along day and night.

And even if some dogs don’t look at their faces, they only need to see a figure, plus having lived with their owners for so long, they can also find their owners.

Memory recognition. Perhaps many people will say that the dog’s memory is not so good, because every time it is played, it can laugh and play with its owner in the next second. In fact, this is not because it has a bad memory, but because it does not want to go. Remember these things.

But the owner is different. The owner is the most important person to it, so it will definitely remember it. As time goes by, the memory will be deeper, so it can accurately identify its owner every time.

Action recognition. When the owner and the dog live for a long time, they will not only be familiar with your smell and voice, but also be familiar with your actions, but they will also see your emotions from your expressions.

Especially for those dogs who have been raised from childhood to old, the owner can understand the expressions, movements, and eyes of the owner right away. I have to say that dogs are truly human.

In addition, in order for the dog to adapt to human life, the owner must of course train them to learn some simple skills. This will make getting along with each other more pleasantly, and it will also make the dog more obedient and obedient. Of course, during training. , It’s best for the owner to cooperate with some dog snacks so that the dog can learn actively.

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