How does Beagle train?

How does Beagle train?

Beagle hair consists of three colors: black, white, and yellow. In addition, large ears are also a major feature of them. Beagle’s ears are drooping and relatively wide, with rounded front ears. It has a lively personality and strong curiosity. You need to start training from a young age, otherwise it is very naughty, and when you grow up, you will definitely be the king of destruction. How does Beagle train?

Beagle training method: The best training age for Beagle is 3-6 months. During this period, dogs have a strong ability to receive information and can quickly integrate into a new environment with very high plasticity. Beagle training also needs to be divided into stages. At the beginning, we can give them simple things, like basic living habits. As we grow older, we can teach dogs some simple movements or interactive games.

Pet owners ask more questions about Beagle barking at night and urinating and defecating anywhere. Here  has compiled the Beagle training methods, which pet owners can use as a reference. First of all, with regard to the problem of Beagle barking in the middle of the night, it may be that the dog has just entered a new environment and is not very comfortable with it. It will bark when feeling lonely and afraid. You can first put the kennel where they can see you, or put some of your old clothes in the kennel to let the dog smell you, so that the dog will feel more at ease. Or prepare toys for the dogs and divert their attention. The dogs barking may also be hungry. Parents must cultivate their good eating habits. The puppies should be fed regularly and 4 times a day. 7-8 It’s enough to share the fullness.

Dog Training - How does Beagle train?

Regarding the problem of Beagle urinating and defecating anywhere, dogs usually urinate after drinking water for about 15 minutes, and will defecate for about half an hour after feeding. Pay attention to the behavior of the dog, once they have the intention of defecation, lead the dog to the designated place. And give rewards after the dog defecates correctly. Repeat this many times, and the dog will naturally know where to defecate.

Beagle training must be patient, don’t hit the dog, they will have a fear, and it will also affect the training effect of the dog.

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