How is the correct way to walk the dog?

How is the correct way to walk the dog?

The pet owner who has a dog will take his dog out for a walk. Even if there is not ample time sometimes, he will make time to walk the dog. Dog walking is also particular, many pet owners have stepped into the misunderstanding of dog walking, see if you have also stepped into it!

Without traction rope

Many owners want to give their dogs more free movement space when walking their dogs, so they choose not to bring their dogs with a leash, but do you know the owner? Dogs are easily attracted to new things outside, and run around. If the owner does not pay attention, accidents may occur.

So for the sake of your dog and you, it is best to bring your dog with a leash when walking the dog to avoid accidents.

Walking the dog in the grass

Moist and shady places such as grass are homes for parasites. Dogs who stay in the grass for a period of time may be infected with parasites and develop skin diseases.

Therefore, the owner should avoid the humid and shady environment when walking the dog, so as not to affect the healthy development of the dog.

Dog Care - How is the correct way to walk the dog?


Not cleaning after walking the dog

The cleaning here is not necessarily bathing, because dogs should not be bathed frequently. Dogs who bathe frequently can cause them to get skin diseases! Dogs will inevitably stain their paws or hair when they go out. If they are not clean at home, they may bring bacteria from the outside home.

Therefore, after walking the dog, wipe it off with a wet wipe or detergent, and then dry the dog to keep it clean while reducing disease visits.

Walking the dog for too long

The amount of exercise required by different breeds of dogs is different. Some dogs do not exercise much due to their physical problems, so it is not advisable to walk the dog for too long.

Therefore, the owner must not blindly take the dog to walk the dog, this may cause accidents. Generally, large dogs take 2 hours at a time, and medium-sized dogs take 1 to 2 hours at a time. Small dogs have a smaller amount of exercise. If you walk around at home, you will get tired. If you go out for a walk, every time it takes about half an hour.

High temperature walking the dog

Although the temperature in spring or autumn is not as high as in summer, the temperature at noon and afternoon will inevitably be sometimes high. Walking the dog during this high temperature period will not only cause great damage to the dog, but also easily cause the dog to appear. The situation of heat stroke.

Therefore, the owner should choose to walk the dog in the morning or in the evening. When walking the dog, he can also exercise and play games with the dog. In the process, he can reward him with some chicken jerky snacks to make him more happy and satisfied.

Owners must remember the above misunderstandings about walking the dog. The dog walking method is good, and the dog will grow healthier and grow stronger. In addition to taking the dog for exercise, diet is also an important factor affecting the dog’s health. Many dogs tend to be thinner due to insufficient nutritional supplements.

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