How many months does Labrador Retriever grow into a big dog?

How many months does Labrador Retriever grow into a big dog?

Labrador Retriever is a breed that many people choose to raise. It has a loyal, honest and friendly personality. It is an excellent companion dog, most of which are used as guide dogs or working dogs. How much do you know about Labrador Retriever? So, did you know that Labrador Retriever grows into a big dog in a few months?

Labrador Retriever grows into a big dog in a few months.

Labrador Retriever generally has a life span of 8-12 years. It grows into a big dog form about 8 months after birth. Its growth process can be compared to a microcosm of a human life. When Labrador Retriever is only a few months old, it is equivalent to a human childhood. , Labrador Retriever is about one and a half years old, and Labrador Retriever, 7-8 years old, begins to enter the old age. The teenage Labrador Retriever can be called a centenarian.

Labrador Retriever growth history

Labrador Retriever in childhood

Labrador Retriever is three months old and is breastfeeding. At this stage, Labrador Retriever relies on the mother’s breast milk to provide nutrition, but if the breast milk is insufficient, the owner can also feed Labrador Retriever some pet goat milk powder. The three-month-old Labrador Retriever Entering a critical period of growth and beginning to grow rapidly.

Labrador Retriever growth period

March-August enters the critical period of growth. The growing Labrador Retriever needs a lot of nutrition, and the owner should supplement it in time. Labrador Retriever in this period is the best training period. If it is not trained as a child, it will be difficult to tame when it grows up, so that it will not listen to its owner and destroy household goods. When training, you can match some dog snacks to grind your teeth to remove bad breath, and it can also improve its initiative, and the training effect will be better.

Dog Care - How many months does Labrador Retriever grow into a big dog?

Labrador Retriever adulthood

Labrador Retriever basically grows to the size of an adult dog at the age of 8 months. Although it has the appearance of an adult dog, the body is still not fully mature. It is about 5-8 months longer, which is about one and a half years old. Labrador Retriever is really an adult, and the mind at about 3 years old will fully mature and become a mature, calm and stable Labrador Retriever.

In addition, Labrador Retriever is a dog breed that is prone to gain weight, so it is necessary to feed meat food in an appropriate amount to avoid Labrador Retriever gaining weight, which is prone to cause various diseases. It is recommended that the owner feed Labrador Retriever some nutritious dog food with low fat content as a staple food.

At the same time, it can be supplemented with vegetables and fruits. It is also necessary to ensure that Labrador Retriever is exercised for 2 to 3 hours a day.

Labrador Retriever sexual maturity

Animals have a specific time for sexual maturity, as does Labrador Retriever. Sexually mature dogs are in heat twice a year. The estrus period in spring is from March to May, and the period of estrus in autumn is from September to November. The interval between two estruses is about 6 months.

The first estrus of a female dog is generally around 6-8 months, and it may be advanced or delayed according to different breeds. Generally speaking, the estrus period of small dogs is earlier than that of large dogs, and Labrador Retriever is a medium-to-large dog breed, so the estrus period will be later. The first estrus is not the best time for mating, and the body is not fully developed. It should be the best time to mate during the second estrus of Labrador Retriever.

Labrador Retriever Old Age

At the age of 7-8, Labrador Retriever loses calcium quickly, which can easily cause osteoporosis. The limbs have no strength and are unwilling to go out for exercise. Therefore, the pet should pay attention to finding a way to take it out for moderate exercise. You can feed calcium tablets. , Supplement calcium, strengthen bones, and sun exposure can also help Labrador Retriever promote calcium absorption.

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