How often do dogs get dewormed outside the body?

How often do dogs get dewormed outside the body?

In vitro deworming for dogs is recommended once a month. Dogs need to be prevented by in vitro deworming once a month. The dosage of anthelmintic must be selected according to the dog’s weight. When using, the anthelmintic must be placed on the dog and cannot be licked. It should be dripped on the skin, avoid dripping on the hair and it will not be effective.

The ectoparasites of dogs are lice, fleas, ticks, various mites, etc. It is recommended for puppies once a month. Adult dogs can do in vitro deworming once every 3 months, but in summer, do it once a month because there are more parasites in the grass in summer. Pregnant dogs should do it once before pregnancy to prevent transmission to puppies.

In addition, it should be noted that puppies may be infected with parasites when they are breastfeeding, licking the soil, licking walls, and licking the feces of other dogs may also be infected with parasites. Therefore, starting from the puppies, regular deworming is necessary. If you find fleas or lice on your dog, you can use a pet-specific quick insecticide. At the same time, the environment in which dogs live also needs insecticide. If you find a large number of ticks on your dog, do not touch it lightly, because ticks can spread blood parasites. Please refer to a professional doctor to remove the worms.

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