How old is the age of cats at different ages? Knowing these can take care of it!

How old is the age of cats at different ages? Knowing these can take care of it!

You have been keeping cats for so long, do you know how old your cat is? The owner may be able to answer, but if your cat’s age is converted to the age of a human, how old is it? Today, the editor will take you to understand the different ages of cats, which are equivalent to the age of humans. The owner can take care of it if he understands these!

Cat Care Age Calculation - How old is the age of cats at different ages? Knowing these can take care of it!

3 months cat = 5 year old child

The three-month-old cat is the cutest little milk cat, full of curiosity, wanting to run around the world.

But at this time, the cat is weak and has poor resistance. The owner remembers to vaccinate the cat to protect its health!

6 months cat = 10 year old child

At this time, the cat has begun to grow up slowly, and the body size is much larger than that of 3 months. It is about to enter the estrus period, and it is also a “less cat” who has just started to love it.

The period of 3-6 months for cats is the period of tooth replacement. It is best for the owner to prepare some soft and hard molar snacks, such as the freeze-dried chicken nibs that cats love to eat, which can help cats to replace their teeth smoothly.

1 year old cat = 15 year old teenager

One-year-old cats are about to reach adulthood. At this time, they are lively, energetic, and have better physical strength than they were when they were young. They like to parkour at home and tear down their homes.

The owner can accompany the cat to play more, consume its energy, and appropriately reward the cat with some snacks, so that it will like you more!

2 year old cat = 24 year old youth

The 2-year-old cat’s personality has basically been stereotyped and has become more mature, and the bad habits of demolition and biting as a child will also decrease.

4-year-old cat = 32-year-old middle-aged

The 4-year-old cat is in his youth stage, his personality has become mature and stable, and he is not as active as before.

But if you want your cat to be healthy, you should let your cat exercise more in order to avoid obesity and affect life span.

6-year-old cat = 40-year-old middle-aged

At this time, the cat has begun to enter middle age, and its body functions have gradually deteriorated, and some problems will gradually appear in physical health.

At this time, their bodies will have some problems gradually, such as the hair becomes dull, oral problems and so on. It is best for the owner to take the cat for regular physical examinations to take precautions.

9-year-old cat = 52-year-old nearly half a hundred

Generally, the cats that have been raised for so many years are very human. They seem to understand what you are saying, and will accompany you obediently and comfort you.

11-year-old cat = 60-year-old senior

Cats over 10 years old are already great. But the body is not as good as before, and the hair begins to grow white, become rough, and the eyes become cloudy.

And my energy is not good, I love to sleep all day, and I don’t even bother to take care of my hair, it’s messy.

14-year-old cat = 72-year-old grandpa

The owner must take care of cats this age. Most cats will have various organ problems. The owner should pay special attention to all aspects of care so that it can stay with you for a longer time!

16 year old cat = 80 year old grandpa

The cat’s bones are very fragile at this time, and it is more important to let it rest comfortably.

The owner should accompany the cat more, groom it more, let it feel your love, and cherish its remaining time.

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