How should Welsh Corgi train?

How should Welsh Corgi train?

Welsh Corgi is different from other dogs. It is more self-contained. Because of the poor obedience, many parents have no confidence in the training of Welsh Corgi. How should we train?

How should Welsh Corgi train?

Develop feelings

Before training Welsh Corgi, we first cultivate feelings. Because before the dog is accustomed to the new environment, he will be more vigilant. Many of its instincts are dominated by emotions. If the emotions are rich, it is possible to use their ability to the limit.


We can give Welsh Corgi a simple name, and simple name  sounds easier to remember. Call it by its name often, let it be familiar with its own name, and it will be relatively simple to train later.

Choose a venue

For Welsh Corgi training, the choice of venue is also important. If your family’s Welsh Corgi hasn’t undergone serious education and training, then you can start the training directly at home. Because if you go outdoors directly, Welsh Corgi has not been educated yet, so it is easy to be tempted by external factors so that training will be more difficult.

Dog Training  - How should Welsh Corgi train?

Password training

When training Welsh Corgi, the password must be clear and simple. The training password cannot be changed frequently, or if it is too complicated, the password is very important.

Practice more

Training Welsh Corgi, in fact, can not be ignored is that even when the dog learns this training, don’t forget to let the dog to consolidate more. In fact, a dog remembers it entirely by memory, and it can only be remembered when it is too many times.

It should be noted that violence must not be used in the training process. If it’s because the Welsh Corgi is doing something wrong and hit it.Doing so will only make the dog afraid of training. It will be even more difficult to train it later. Normal training time only Fifteen minutes will be fine, too long it will get bored!

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